Things quieted down a pretty soon after. Most everyone left. AJ and Nick crashed out in what AJ called "his room". Howie, and Brian went on home and took Lee to her place. Tracie helped me start cleaning up the mess. We made it five minutes before we both looked at each other, "Damn, Iím hungry!"

We raced into the kitchen and started rooting around. Tracie screamed, "Ah ha! I must have this! Bake me brownies, Kevlyn."

"Are you PMSing too?" Look, crossed another one of those lines didnít I. Screw it.

"IF I say yes will I get brownies?"

I took the box from her, "Get the eggs." She kissed my cheek then went to the fridge. "How long do these cook."

She looked at me laughing, "Thirty minutes. Shit!"

"Shit is right!" I couldnít make it thirty minutes. No way. I grabbed two spoons, the bowl, and her hand. I dropped onto the couch and handed her the spoon.

"Oh yum, oh yeah. Thatís good. Yummy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You dropped some. Donít waste it." Both of us were shoveling those brownies. "Why ever bake these again?"

"No reason I can think of." We leaned against each other and laughed ourselves silly. When we finished those off we took to our opposing sides of the couch and stretched out. "Here we are again."

"Four am couch chats. Kinda cool."


I loved this. He had this far away look all of a sudden, like he was upset about something. "Kev, is something wrong?"

"I donít know. I like her. But sheís a little distant. Sometimes I feel invisible, other times not at all. Hard to explain."

I laughed, "Sheís playing hard to get."

"Tracie, she wasnít hard to get."

I sighed, "I donít mean hard to fuck, I mean hard to get. She wants to keep you interested. Old ploy. Playing hard to fuck wouldnít work with you. Youíd be outta there."

"Damn right. God, that sounds horrible." He dropped his head into his hands. "If the rest was there I wouldnít mind the wait. Iíve waited before. But I havenít found everything in a long time."

"Donít apologize to me. I wouldnít be in your position for anything. You can have anything you want, except reality."

"I get reality from a handful of friends. You included."

"I know. I feel bad for you all sometimes. That was one of the things about dating a politician that sucked, no reality. Spin it all to make it look like the polls say it should. I see him every now and then, on something, or on the news. Still spinning his way through the muck. Leaving was a good decision on so many levels."

"So what do you want now? Men, love, relationships?" He had this way of cutting to the chase and being painfully direct.

"Right now Iím content to date casually. I go out, have some fun, have sex if Iím in the mood, stop seeing him when itís not what I want anymore. Much like you, I believe." I smiled, knowing him well.

"Yeah, I want more though. This wonít last forever. Iíll enjoy it while itís here, and keep my eyes open for my Ďrealityí. Wife, kids, family, porch swings."

"Always a country boy. I didnít say I donít want more, but until then. Youíre leaving on tour in a few weeks, and I know youíll be taking advantage of those Ďperksí. You wonít find more in a blow job from a groupie in the menís room. But until then, why the hell not."

"Sometimes I wish I had a little more control. But thereís nothing to do sometimes, and I get horny. And itís not like they donít get off on it. Iím just careful. Discrete. Shit! I canít believe weíre talking about this." We both laughed, "Iím gonna miss this while weíre gone. You have to come out when you can. Not like you need that job."

"Which is exactly why I have that job. Itís disposable. If they donít let me do what I want Iím gone. I like that freedom. Iím not ready to give that up. For a job, or for a man."

We talked until dawn. Some serious, some just goofing off. I would miss him too. Iíd gotten used to all of them being around, but like Iíd told Lee he was my best friend. He knew things without me even telling him.


Knocked out on the couch. Again. I think Iím jealous.

We headed out and went shopping. Kevin got this huge frigging suitcase for the tour. He could pack Tracie in that thing. We needed snacks. Ate Kevinís whole kitchen last night. They told me about the brownies and I nearly vomited.

I called Lee. She was hungover, but would be ready when we got there. Good woman. I also called this girl I was going out with, Angela, and invited her over. She was going to get me on a Saturday night, thatís pretty good.

Lee looked over, "Are you always pigs? And I mean that with all possible love."

Tracie laughed, "Itís amazingly refreshing to get the inside view on pigdom though. I think of it as opportunistic."

I needed to explain. "Iím not a pig. I just donít want to waste my time. I donít know if sheíll be fun out yet. And Iím not letting anyone ruin my good time. If they canít play nice they need to go the hell away."

"Like that Pam chick?" Lee was a little perceptive. The three of us were dead silent. "Hit a nerve there."

Kevin rubbed his face, "We donít get it."

"When you asked him, what did he say?"

I jumped in, "Itís his fault."

"Thatís ooky."

"Ok, I love that word."

When we got back to Kevinís Nick was already there. Drunk. "She left, went back home. I fucked up again. Why canít I keep my big mouth shut?"

"What exactly did you say that was so wrong?" Kevin said dryly.

"I know better than to say anything about another woman in front of her. I makes her insecure."

I couldnít help it, "Breathing makes Pam insecure." Tracie hit me. "Well, it does!"

"But I am her boyfriend. I know this and I should be more careful."

Tracie sat down beside him, "Nick, what are you gonna do while you guys are on tour? Kevin told me that there are always pictures and rumors. You canít control that. How is she gonna deal with that?"

"Iíll just have to be careful. Watch myself." He passed out.

Kevin and I hauled him upstairs, "When the fuck will he see itís not him. Itís her. And when the fuck did he get so heavy."

Kevin and I went for booze and picked up Angela. When we got back Tracie and Lee had dumped a bunch of snacks in bowls and had arranged things. There were a few people there. We were cooking out. In my usual style I walked in talking, "Wow, look how domesticated they are."

Tracie walked over and . . . well . . she put a death grip on my cock. Looked me straight in the eye, "What was that?"

I looked down, "That kinda feels good, there Trace." She tightened her grip, "Ok, you win. Iím a pig."

She let go and slowly stroked the crotch of my jeans, "Much better."

I closed my eyes, "Itís getting better." She walked off. Damn woman. Hereís a good thing. Angela walked over and kissed me and told me I deserved that. Yep, she can have this Saturday night.


AJ got laid. Early and often. I didnít. Things with Michelle werenít perfect, but at least she was around. So far Jessica wasnít around much. Tracie had a date tonight too. Some guy sheíd gone out with two or three times. He wouldnít be around long. He was good looking, but lacked substance. It was kind of fun to watch her play with him. He didnít even realize it. I may be a pig, but sheís a spider. I wouldnít be surprised if she bit his head off after she fucked him. And I do mean after she fucked him, but heíd think he fucked her. Idiot. I doubt anyone had ever fucked her, unless she let him. Then itís not really the same thing is it?


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