Jessica and I spent most of the next week together. She was a college student, working on her MBA and had the summer off. I watched for what Tracie had said. I saw it. I hate games. I did like her though. Saturday night instead of taking her back to my house for sex I took her home. I stopped the car and looked at her, "I hate games. No one ever wins. I like you and I like fucking you. If you want to keep me around, stop playing hard to get and just do it. If itís gonna work, itís gonna work. But if you keep playing me Iím gone." I kissed her hard, "Think about it. Come over tomorrow afternoon if you want to stop playing, if not donít come." I leaned over her and opened the door.

It was three am when I knocked on Tracieís door. "Bunny slippers?"

"I think sometimes you forget Iím a girl."

I pulled out the front of her t-shirt and looked down it, "Nope, itís the breasts." I sat down on her couch, "Theyíre nice."

"Thank you."

"But this is the weirdest relationship Iíve ever had with a girl. I talk to you like one of the guys, but you give me the womanís insight. Have I said thanks for that lately?" She shook her head, "Thanks. I busted Jessica tonight. I saw the games and told her to cut that shit out if she wanted me to hang around. Told her I like her and I like fucking her, but no more games."

Tracie winced, "You are nothing if not direct." I cocked an eyebrow, "I know, I know. Hello pot, this is kettle. It seems to work for us. I wonder how sheíll hold up under the strain."

"Weíll see. Speaking of fucking, where is the boytoy?"

She made a pair of scissors out of her fingers, "Cut him loose. He wasnít direct enough. I tried to help, but he couldnít do it."

"Gotta go then. You need more than that."

"Speaking of more than that . . . Nick."

I sunk into the couch, "That boy. He canít not see this as about him. Pure example of thinking too much with your heart, and kicking your brain out."

"Or thinking with your dick. Which Iím sure youíve never done."

"Only once or twice and hour. I think my dick is smarter than his though. Itís been nearly chopped off a few times. This is his first ballbuster. A manís gotta get castrated once before he learns."

"Ah, the visual youíve inspired. Wouldnít it be nice if people could just talk and be honest about what they expect from each other and not take every thing so damn personal?"

"Like us?"

"Absolutely! We slam the shit out of each other, but you know I love you, Kevlyn." She came across the couch to hug me.

I kissed the top of her head, "Yeah, I love you too, Trace." We fell asleep like that.

I went home after lunch on Sunday. Jessica showed up around three. I let her in and she turned around and dropped her dress onto the floor, "No more games, I promise." Something about a woman completely giving herself to me really does it for me. Takes a strong woman to do that. Or one of those weak whiney ones who never get anywhere with me.


Finally we all get to meet Jessica. Itís their last weekend here and she has condescended to come to a party. At his house. I sound jealous. Yuck.

I asked Lee to pick me up and went ahead and had a drink. Just in case. I love her, "I figured meeting the girlfriend called for some herbal assistance."

"Oh god, I hate that I feel jealous."

"Heís your best friend. She could fuck with that. If she does weíll get rid of her, but it would be easier for everyone if she realized her place is behind you."

To my surprise I liked Jessica. Which means I would allow her to live. She didnít try to just jump into things with any of us, but she didnít pout in the background either. She watched to find out what was going on, then joined in letting us get to know her. I think she realized who I was in the grand scheme of things. She didnít kiss my ass, but she didnít try to wedge me out either. Smart girl. And I liked Kevin around her. He was attentive, but didnít fetch for her. I would smack him down if he turned into a weaker version of himself for her.


This shit made me nervous. It was like watching two lionesses sizing each other up seeing who got to eat the zebra. Only in this case, the zebra was getting off on it. The new lioness did the smart thing and took the submissive position and called a truce. I think this disarmed the dominant lioness and sheíd let her have the parts of the zebra she had no use for. One day Iíd like to be a zebra.



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