The next night was in Orlando. They could all sleep at home. The guys went straight to the arena and did a quick rehearsal, brushing up on things that werenít perfect last night. Lee and I hooked up and headed over. Jessica was there, and Kevin looked happy. I was glad. I had talked to her once or twice in the time since they had left. I wanted this to work for him if itís what he wanted. She looked very pretty tonight, and he looked very proud. It was a good look on him. We went and took a seat up where the lighting boards were. Lee looked over, "You ok?"

"Yeah, Iím fine" She and I had become good friends in the guys absence and I knew what she was talking about, "No jealousy at all. Thank god, that left. That didnít make any sense."

"Of course it went away. He told you that you win. She needs to remember that. You donít come between friends."

The fun was over, Pam joined us. She got a little tense with all the "I love you, Nick" signs. I think the "Marry Me, Nick" got her worst. I looked at Lee and we exchanged a knowing look. That would never happen. I knew the guys were working on Nick to see what was really going on. They had to be careful or heíd shut them out thinking they didnít like her. It wasnít about not liking her, it was about not liking her with him. Ok, they didnít like her. Her playing hell on his self esteem wasnít good for the group, and wasnít good for him. I watched him bend over backwards trying to make her happy, coming up with things to give her, to do for her. None of it mattered. Like tossing dust bunnies into the Grand Canyon, ainít never gonna fill that sucker up. Angela and Jessica joined us too. I watched her watching him. Yep, she was in love with him.


Itís nice to be just a little on the outside. I wasnít really attached to any of the guys. I was closest with Tracie and that put me just one step back. I hadnít been around that long either. But I was watching. I wondered if anyone else besides me saw what was going on.


I skipped the party tonight. Jessica and I went back to my house and I opened a bottle of wine. We sat and talked and drank our wine. Then quickly moved onto kissing and took it up to the bedroom. I wanted to be inside her. Bad. I was moving fast in that direction. She pushed me away, "Kev, slow down. Letís take our time."

I growled as I kissed along her neck, "I donít want to take my time. I want you, now. Itís been over two weeks since weíve been together."

"My poor, baby, two weeks with no sex and you lose your patience?"

"Uhm . . ." I was silent. I wasnít a liar.


Letís try diversion, "I want you, Jess."

She sat up. Damn. "Kevin?"

I was busted. No, I wasnít busted. I hadnít promised anything. Best way to do this was directly. "I have had sex since in the last two weeks."

"You what?" This wasnít looking good.

"Jess, we didnít talk about . . ." That was all I got out before she was out of the bed, in her clothes, and out the door. I just sat there. Naked. Alone.


It was four in the morning when I knocked on Tracieís door, "Hey."

She was half asleep, "Shouldnít you be in some sort of post orgasmic bliss about now?"

"She walked out."

"Ouch, come on in."

From the direction of her bedroom I heard, "Tracie, is everything ok?"

"Yeah, itís fine. Go back to sleep. Itís my best friend, Kevin."

"Sorry, Iím interrupting." I headed toward the door, this isnít my night.

"Nonsense." She grabbed my hand and headed toward the couch, "What happened."

"Evidently, I wasnít supposed to be having sex while we werenít together. A fact that no one had told me about. So I just did what I do."

Tracie squeezed her eyes shut, "And Jessica walked on you."

"Mid-sex." She was laughing, "It wasnít funny."

"The mid-sex part is. The walking out part isnít. Iím sorry."

"What the hell is that about?"

She rolled her eyes at me, "Oh come on Kevin, you canít have your cake and eat it too. If you want a girlfriend, the groupie sex has to stop. Unless sheís amazing and willing to put up with that."

I was pissed, "Well, then why the fuck didnít she say something. I canít read minds. I thought things were fine. I swear, women need to tell you what they want. If she would have said something, no problem."

"I agree. But all of us donít do that. And you are a little difficult."

"Difficult? Iím not difficult." More eye rolling. "And stop fucking rolling your eyes at me!"

"Stop fucking yelling at me. You are too difficult. Youíre stubborn, controlling, and you get pissy quick. And you scratch your dick all the time. Itís not going anywhere, stop checking!"

"Look whoís talking. Youíre the damn poster girl for stubborn, controlling, and pissy. And balls itch." I was in her face.



This had just gotten ridiculous and I started laughing. I fell back on the couch and was howling. Kevin was looking at me like Iíd lost my mind. "Weíre sitting here at four am yelling at each other about your extra curricular sexual behavior and your balls itching."

"Oh god, Iím sorry." He grabbed me and hugged me, "Youíre right. I should have talked about this."

"So you fix it now. Go to her and work it out. You looked happy tonight with her. If you want her, go fix it."

He smirked at me and kissed me, "Youíre right. Iím gonna go fix it. Thank you. I love you."

"I love you too, night."

With that he was out the door. I went back to bed. Scott was awake, "Everything ok?"

"Yeah, we have a deal, nothing is off limits. Time is irrelevant. I hope you can understand." I did hope he could understand. I kind of liked him. He was fun, he could carry on a conversation, and he was good in bed.

"Itís cool. I wish I had a friend like that. Lucky guy. Come on back to bed, Tracie. Iím not done with you yet." He got to stay the night.


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