Saturday came and I wanted my car! Iím one of those impulse shoppers that researches and looks around, and when I find what I want I want it yesterday. I knew in general what I wanted then I visited some lots and got information, then to the Internet for comparisons and reviews by industry folk and actual owners. Even emailed a few owners. By the time I went to get Tracie I knew what I wanted in basic terms and what add ons I preferred. Some Iíd give on, some I wouldnít.


Kevin was bouncing up and down as I grabbed my purse, "A little excited, Kevlyn?"

"Oh yeah, me like car. Me want car now." He was so cute. Like a kid at Christmas. "Grab a ponytail thing."

I smiled, "I did. Knew youíd go for a convertible." He was a little predictable.

We got to the lot and Kevin honed in on the line of sporty little things. He grabbed my hand and practically drug me over. I kept up and could feel how big I was smiling. He headed right to the shiny metallic black ones. It took a little less than two minutes before the salesman converged on us. Kevin held his hand out like "stop", and said, "Give us ten minutes then come back. I plan on buying one, loaded, but if anyone bothers us for the next ten minutes I will go somewhere else. I will wave if I need you." The man walked off.

I watched him leave over my shoulder then turned back to Kevin, "Damn, youíre good."

He pulled his face away from the window and smiled, "Did you really doubt it?"

I rolled my eyes, "So . . . which is it gonna be?"

"Which ever one has the Premium Package, the Harmon Kardon sound system with the 6 CD changer, the onboard computer, and the remote keyless entry. The 3 spoke alloy wheels, and wood accented interior are optional, but preferred."


Her mouth was hanging open. I closed it for her, "Flies, you know."

"Why didnít you just call ahead and order it?"

"Iím not sure on exterior and interior color." We walked along and looked at them all, a dozen or so. They didnít have the extras listed. No stickers at all. Upscale Florida car dealers.

The salesman came back carrying a binder, "Find one you like?"

Kevin held out his hand, "Iím Kevin. Thank you for waiting."

"No problem, Iím Steve. What can I show you? Iíve got all the keys."

I laughed, "Good man, you must know Kevin."

"I know that your husband knows what he wants. I wanted to be prepared."

I threw a look at Tracie, hoping sheíd play along. She caught on and came over and put her arm around my waist, "That he does, and he usually wants it yesterday."

"Thank you, honey." I gave her a squeeze then turned to the salesman, "Like I said I want loaded. Show me what you have." He showed me three or four cars. All gorgeous, but not quite it.

"We have one in the showroom. It was a special order and the guy backed out." Steve led us back that way.

Tracie spoke, "Can you do that?"

"For enough money you can do anything."

I knew that meant he lost his deposit. Big deposit, and I could bargain with that. The car was sitting right near the sliding doors. Sapphire Metallic Black BMW Z3, 300i Roadster, black leather interior, with three spoke alloy wheels. I started to get a hard on. This was THE car. Everything I wanted on it, plus a few things. This was my car.

"Shit, he did special it out."

Steve shook his head, "Yeah, some of the things are custom ordered. Itís more loaded than anything out there. No one wants to pay the price."

"Itís got quite a bit more than I was looking at, but some things the others didnít have. Nothing I couldnít get installed." I said as a rule I donít lie. I guess itís in the definition of "quite a bit". If that means two things, then Iím safe. Embellishing?

Tracie chimed in, "I donít know if I like that wood stuff. The shift, and brake. It looks a little out of place. I liked the green one out there." Now she was embellishing she hates green. "How much is this one?" He said the words. I screamed for joy inside, lower than my max price. Tracie loudly gasped for air. "What makes this worth that much more than the green one? It needs to do some sort of trick for that much money. I mean, this is nice and I like the six CD changer and that computer thing, but wow, thatís a big mark up."

I had my hand over my mouth not to laugh. Steve took it as me agreeing with her, "Let me talk to my manager, he might be willing to work a deal. Weíve had it sitting here a long time, and itís getting close to new model time."

He walked off and I mumbled, "No shit." I sat down in the car, Tracie got in the passenger side. "Like my new car?"

"Me likey. Do I get to drive?"


Steve came back with a more than fair price. I balked over it not having the hard top. He came back and they threw that in for the same price. MY CAR! "Great! Now lets head over to financing and theyíll take care of you. Iíll get the guys to clean her up and ready."

I laughed, "Iíll be writing you a check."

Steveís eyes lit up, "Hang on, let me see if I canít do something." He was back quickly, "Since youíre paying cash, weíve adjusted the price a little. Just for the wife." He winked at her. God, we were gonna have fun with this in a few minutes.

She smiled so sweetly, "Thank you, weíll keep you in mind next time we need a car." She rubbed her stomach, "Honey, Iím getting hungry."

Steve slapped my back, "Canít keep the wife waiting. Iíll get the car ready. Ten minutes, tops." I looked at her and shook my head.

By the time Iíd given them all the information and signed everything my gorgeous car was parked out front waiting for me. "Weíre gonna leave the SUV parked there. Weíll get it in the morning."

Steve shook my hand, "Absolutely. Give me the key and Iíll have her detailed for you before you pick her up."

I handed him the keys and we got in my new car. We made it out of the lot before the laughter started.



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