Look at that! Dancing turns to kissing. Nick, Brian, and Howie noticed. They headed over to me and Lee.

Nick high fived me, "Finally!"

All of us busted out laughing when Kevinís hands moved down to her ass. Heíd been watching that ass for months. About damn time he got his hands on it. They talked for a minute then he took her hand and they left. Umm? Wonder where theyíre going.

I think the lioness is gonna get the zebra.


Kevin kisses . . . well, wonderful. I felt that kiss all the way to my toes. That idea of playing it by ear and seeing what happened is gone. Forget it. I can tell you exactly what is gonna happen. The only unknown is which one of us is going to orgasm first.

He took my hand and headed out the door, "Do you have everything?" I shook my head. He stopped and kissed me again. Slowly. Just as I got used to him he pulled away. He opened the car door and waited for me to get settled then closed it. He was inside and we were pulling out of the parking lot. The tension in the car was amazing. Deathly quiet. My stomach was doing flips. I wanted him. I was staring. He has a magnificent profile. The lines of his jaw, his eyes, his hair. He watched the road. Something was going on behind his eyes.


I was making a list of all the things I wanted to do to her . . . for her . . . with her. The list was getting pretty damn long. One little detail, "Your place or mine?"

She looked at me, "Ten minutes to yours, twenty five to mine."

At the same time I said "mine" she said "yours". We both laughed. I reached across and took her hand in mine. Ten minutes seemed like a very long time right now.

"Kevin, youíre crushing my hand."

Now that is smooth. I have no idea how to do this. She knows all my moves, and will bust me without a second thought. I let go of her hand. Now what to do with it.


Good. Heís as keyed up as I am. I need to be out of this car and somewhere where I can touch him. Iím going insane. I canít stop looking at him. Iíve seen him almost everyday for over a year. There are things Iím just seeing. I want to kiss that little scar under his eye. Look at the curls at the nape of his neck, need my fingers in there.


She reached over and started playing with my hair. I really needed to close my eyes and feel that. I always have this little fear the first time with a woman that I wonít be able to get it up. This was not going to be a problem. Hard as a damn rock. The big question is how long I can hold off. I have to touch her. I reached over and laid my hand on her leg. Her dress is so soft. I can feel the warmth of her body through the silk. My fingers started inching her dress up her leg. Just above her knee where I could slip my hand under it to touch her skin. Before I touched her I thought how she would feel ~ smooth, soft, and that she would make some little sound. I love being right. A quiet short groan came from her and I glanced over to see her eyes close and her press her head into the seat of my car. She stopped playing in my hair and ran her nails across my skin. I floored it.

I slammed on the brakes in my driveway. I jumped out of the car and was to her before she could close the door. I took her hand and took off. I fumbled with my keys trying to unlock the front door. Tracie moved up on me and I felt her hands on the sides of my hips. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in the door. Inside finally. I dropped my coat on the floor.


I need to get my feet back under me. I am usually the aggressor and right now Iím just tagging along. I have no control and no idea where I lost it. I leaned back and yanked his arm. He turned and I pulled his hand, pulling him toward me. Ah, sweet control. He smirked and kissed me. I caught his tongue and sucked him. He squeezed me to him and I could feel his body lines against mine. I moved my hands from his back and undid his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt. I am suddenly nervous. This is ridiculous. Iím certainly not a virgin, and Iíve seen Kevin nearly naked many times. Havenít touched him though. Time to fix that. I finished unbuttoning his shirt and ran my hands up his stomach to his chest and let them rest on his shoulders. Just the beginning. I want to pull away from his mouth and look at him. See him differently. But I canít. Iíve lost control again.


Her hands on my body. Oh God. Her touch on my skin. I have to pull away from her. I took her hand and headed upstairs. I fought the urge to run. I flipped the light on in my bedroom and turned to her again. She kept walking right into me as I got rid of my shirt. I wanted to feel her next to me. I wanted to feel me touching her. I wanted to see my hands on her body. I wrapped my arms around her. Has she always been this little? It was like I was completely wrapped around her, which sent my mind to a place where she would be wrapped around me. Time for that dress to go! I unzipped the back, "This dress looks amazing on you." It fell to the floor. She had nothing on underneath. Somehow I already knew that would be the case. "That dress looks amazing off you." She stood there letting me look at her. No self-consciousness in the bright room. I looked all the places I hadnít seen before. Her breasts Iíd seen, but her nipples were so tight. I worked down past her pierced navel, which struck me as so hot right now. I should have expected what I saw next. She does work at a swimming pool after all. The perfect Brazilian bikini wax. I was envious of whoever got to touch her there.

I worked the button and zipper of my pants and dropped those to the floor and kicked them out of the way. I held her to me again and kissed her. Deeper, more passionate. Needing, wanting now. I found my hands on her ass again, holding her next to me. I wanted to make sure she felt exactly what she was doing to me. Had been for the last hour. And I hurt. Her hands roamed my back, my ass. Massaging and holding me, I could feel her nails scrape against me. This felt so good. She felt so good. I couldnít take it anymore. I sucked on her neck and noticed that her head dropped to the side so I could get to her. I pulled the pins from her hair and let it fall over her, over me. I tugged at her earlobe before whispering, "Remember when I told you that what you needed was a man who could fuck you?" She licked the side of my neck and mumbled a yes. I held her shoulders and looked her in the eyes, "Iím the man who can do it."


Legs giving out. Inability to breathe. I remember when he said that. I thought it would be a cold day in hell before some man fucked me, without me letting it happen. But it was happening. I didnít have control, I wasnít allowing him to do anything, but I didnít care. If this is what being Ďtakení is like I want this. I want this feeling, this inability to do anything, and the willingness to do everything. I didnít care. I just wanted. Him. I wanted him to take me, touch me, and become part of me. Make us more than just friends.

He picked me up, laid me on the bed, and laid his body over me. His body is so gorgeous. So sculpted and muscular. Tan. His skin like chocolate, that chocolate that you have to have. He moved his knee between mine and pushed them apart. I wrapped one around his thigh and rubbed against him. I could feel his hard cock against my thigh. My whole body was tingling, on fire. He was rustling in his nightstand then sat back on his knees. I saw the condom in his hand. My mind said to reach for him, touch him, roll that on myself. My body wasnít responding. My eyes followed his hands to his cock. He grabbed himself and deftly sheathed himself. I felt my gaze moving up and down his length and finally my body reached out to touch him.

Kevin caught my hands and kissed my palms as he lowered his body over mine again. He held my hands above my head. Nothing as severe as "pinned", just holding them there so theyíd have a place to rest.


I could see the look in her eyes. Letting me lead, not of her own volition, but a quiet resolution. She needed someone who could knock her off her feet, and make her want to be taken. Leave her no choice but to give in. I had done that. I felt two things simultaneously. One was the conquering hero. I had won the prize. The other was an amazing sense of responsibility to her, or for her. I was my responsibility to make it right, to make us more than just friends. That made this very different.

I reached between us to grab my cock and find her. I slid myself along her, feeling her slickness. I felt the indentation. My way in. I moved my hand away and laid it beside her face. I began covering her lips with soft kisses. I rolled my hips just a little. Letting both of us feel. It felt so good. Physically and the pure anticipation. I pulled at her bottom lip and felt her tongue run along my upper lip. I pushed my hips, pushing barely into her. Slowly I pulled out, pushed back. Each time a little further. Each time our kisses getting more intense. The resistance inside her body squeezing me, trying to keep me out, then not wanting me to leave. I made my way inside her. I buried myself completely in her, and moaned as our tongues wrapped around the other. I stayed there a few moments. Feeling her tight down the length of me, and feeling me reaching the depths of her. For the first time in my life I felt that at this moment I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.


I couldnít take it anymore. I kissed his neck. So soft. I could feel the muscle twitch against my tongue. He started to thrust inside me. Fuck me. Not aggressive, more like determined. I feel his body and his eyes telling me "You will be mine." My only possible answer is yes. I grabbed onto his back as his pace increased, his pressure and depth increasing. My nails digging into his skin, hitting the hardness of his muscles. Our eyes met for the first time since he was inside me. Both of us smiled then kissed again. He felt so good inside me. I felt full of him, and wanted to stay that way. I wrapped my legs around his waist. His strokes shortened. He stayed deep inside me, pulling out just an inch or so then slamming into me again. Short, sharp thrusts. I whispered to him, "I hope that feels half as good to you as it does to me."


"It feels incredible. I canít hold on much longer. Iím sorry. Itís too good. I think Iíve wanted this too long." Some little voice inside me said that I had. "Wanted you too long."

Her hands were in my hair, "Weíve got all night."

That was the end for me. I kissed her again. My tongue moving in the rhythm of our hips. One . . . last . . . thrust. I buried my face against her neck, "Oh god, umm, oh god." My cock jerked and exploded inside her. Inside Tracie. She tightened her hold on me. Holding me tight, exactly what I needed. I pushed as deep inside her as I could get and let my body begin to recover.

I rolled off her and lay breathless on the pillow beside her. I was drenched in sweat. Fucking is hard work. I reached over and found her arm, followed that to her hand, which I held in mine. I opened my eyes and looked over to find my best friend, drenched in sweat. Only now I saw my lover. I couldnít quite reconcile the two yet. I blew on her. She looked over and gave me her best annoyed look. Lord knows Iíd seen that enough. "What?"

"You were right." She laughed.

"Iíve always wanted to hear that from you. What am I right about?"

"I needed someone to take away my control and fuck me." What she said next nearly fucking killed me. "Iím glad it was you."

I rolled to my side next to her and kissed her, "That was because we had to. This time we get to savor it." We hadnít touched each other, explored each other. Jumped right into the sex. "I want to make you feel so good."

"How many condoms do you have?"

"No where near enough for all the things I want to do."


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