I wanted to touch and kiss him. I needed to touch and kiss him. We laid on our sides facing and staring at each other. I decided to start at the top. My fingers swam through his hair. It was damp with sweat. I brushed it away from his face. His beautiful face. Suddenly I notice that he has to be the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life. My fingertips traced a line across his forehead, down his nose. The backs of my fingers caressed his cheek, so soft. His eyes were closed. I kissed his eyelids then moved down to his mouth. One chaste kiss. My finger traced his lips. He bit my finger then sucked it into his mouth. So warm. I let him keep it and went for his neck. He arched his head back for me. He tasted so salty, sweaty. His muscle twitched and I bit at that. My finger was freed as I heard a deep moan and felt hands on my back, holding me to him. I could feel each of his fingers pressing into my flesh. I kept kissing, and sucking along his neck, moving to the other side. I heard that same moan as I teased and licked behind his ear. My hands were on his chest as I started to slide down his body. I quickly scanned his body and figured it would take a good long time to cover that chest and abdomen in kisses the way I wanted. His muscles are so hard. His body is so warm. My hands played along his biceps and shoulders as I kissed him. I gave his nipples much attention. They hardened and I pulled at them with my teeth.


"Jesus, Tracie. That feels so good." Her tongue leaving little wet kisses on my skin, then moving over my nipples. Sucking me, and flicking them back and forth. My nipples are so sensitive and she wonít leave them alone. I can hear the sounds Iím making, and obviously she understands and is keeping doing what works. She kept moving down and got to my navel. Her tongue darting in and out is sending shockwaves through me. My cock is so hard and I can feel her breast against it. I donít know what I want more . . . her to suck me or to be back inside her.

I didnít get a choice, she crawled back up my body and kissed me. She spoke against my mouth, "You are the most handsome man I have ever seen. I canít believe I missed that." She sat up, her ass right above my cock, her hands rubbing my chest, "So beautiful."

I am a sucker for compliments. I like hearing that Iím attractive. Not the blind adoration of fans and groupies Iíve fucked, but from someone who matters. Tracie matters. I ran my hands up her side to her breasts. My eyes focused on them as I cupped them, and my thumbs ran back and forth over her nipples. They hardened under my touch and I sat up enough to lick her, twirl my tongue around her nipple, then suck her into my mouth. She made this sound that started at a moan and ended in a whimper. Her fingers in my hair held me too her. I wasnít going anywhere. I gave the other some attention and kept my fingers busy on the first. "Kev, stop, please."

"What?" I backed up.

She smiled, "Iím not done with you yet." She moved to the foot of the bed and started kissing and licking up my leg.

"You are such a tease. I didnít expect that." She licked straight up my inner thigh, "Oh fuck!"

"What was that about a tease?"

"Nevermind." I canít remember the last time I squirmed this much, or wanted anything this much. I was saying a silent prayer as she licked along the line that joined my leg to my torso that she could give at least a decent blow job. Please, let her be able to do that. Finally, I felt her hand wrap around my cock. I sighed and arched my back.

"Kevin, relax, let go of the sheets." I didnít even know I was hanging on, "I promise Iím good at this."

I looked down saw her hand wrapped around me, and the smile on her face. Her eyes connected with mine. My peripheral vision watched what she was doing to me. Neither of us broke the eye contact. Her tongue teased my slit then slid around the head of my cock. I could see her mouth turn up into a smile as she slid me inside her. I groaned as she took me, and I fought the urge to close my eyes. I didnít want to lose contact with her. I can only say for myself, but being blown while the lady looks into your eyes is total acceptance. She wants to be doing this, getting me off. That really gets me off. Her hand jacked where her mouth couldnít reach, and that wasnít much. Perfect movements. She worked me in, out, and around. She varied speed and pressure, letting it build. Her tongue pressing the right places.



I loved watching his eyes as I sucked him. So green and full of desire, excitement. I loved sucking him. Heís not too big, not too small. In the words of baby bear, "just right". I liked the control too. I had all the control. I kept eye contact, and could hear his breathing. Ragged, short breaths, combined with moans. He hips moved slightly, but he let me do him. His hands were in my hair, but not guiding me, just feeling me. "Oh baby, Iím gonna cum."



I started keeping a notebook a long time ago with lists of those things that strike me as I go about life. Fan stories that touch me, bizarre things I saw or heard. Calling my best friend, "baby" as Iím seconds from orgasm from her sucking me is gonna get itís own page.

She didnít lie she is good at this. Very good. I donít know if itís all technique or how close we are, the emotional part, and the newness of this. Frankly, at the moment, I didnít care.



I kept one hand keeping time with my mouth and moved the other from his hip to his balls. I gently massaged them. "Donít stop, oh baby, I . . . oh . . ." That was the end. He made these wonderfully sexy sounds, moans and grunts. Pure male. Made me feel very female.

I kept sucking him until he was silent and started to get soft. I kissed a trail up his body. I laid full on top of him and whispered in his ear, "I told you I was good at that."

I kissed his eyelids again and felt his body shutter. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, "You werenít kidding. Tracie, thank you."

"Anytime, Kevin." I kissed his lips softly, "Iím gonna run downstairs and get a drink. Iíll be right back."


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