I donít think I can see. Or walk. Or think. Damn that was good.

I kept kissing his neck and shoulder as he carried me back to bed. Once up stairs he turned off the light and sat down on his bed. We kept kissing as he laid down. I wrapped my leg around him and held him close. His fingers ran through my hair. My hand played along his chest again. We laid there in the dark making out for a long time. Touching, but keeping our kisses from the neck up. I figure both of us are a little tired. The kissing slowed and I rested my head on his shoulder with my hand on his chest. Kevin hugged me tight and ran his finger down my cheek, "You are so beautiful."

I mumbled a "thank you" as we both feel asleep.


I woke up around ten. It was bright outside and the morning light showed the reality of this situation. I had spent the better part of the night fucking my best friend. Scratch that, I had spent the BEST part of the night fucking my best friend. Not that she didnít participate, oh god, did she participate. Shit, just gave myself a hard on. Huge hard on. Talk about a high probability of an awkward moment. What will we be by morning light, and who will say it?

Tracie woke up quickly. We still lay as we had when we fell asleep. Her head on my shoulder, leg over me, and me holding her. She looked at me then laid her head back down. I imagine she was thinking the same thing I just had been. I started with no idea where I was going, "Trace?"

She rolled on top of me and kissed me, caressing my tongue with hers, "Kev, I know. How about we talk about it tomorrow afternoon? Until then lets see how good we can make each other feel. Define it later."

Oh yeah! "Ok, I can do that. Weíre supposed to be at AJís tonight. We canít both not be there without them knowing everything. I donít know if Iím ready for them to know everything."

"I can be ready in less than an hour. That leaves us about seven hours." She ran her hands up my neck and into my hair. Traced the outline of my ear with her tongue.

I ran my fingertips over her back, then pressed her ass into me, let her rub against my hard cock, "What do you want to do until then?"

"I told you. See how good we can make each other feel. Iíll start, since you seem to be ready."
Awkward moment averted. I donít know why I donít want them to know everything. Maybe itís that I donít want anyone to fuck it up before we figure out what it is. Or I donít want to fuck up a friendship with witnesses. Or maybe I want to enjoy this "remodeling" project for a while before I share it with anyone but her.

I stopped thinking as she eased herself onto me.


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