Uh oh, he wants to talk outside. We said weíd talk about this tomorrow. It is not tomorrow yet. But no, this is Kevin, Mr. Think. Heís been thinking again. Damn him. He looked serious. Itís too late and I havenít had enough sleep to do that ugly serious face. He kept walking to the other side of the pool to the garden that AJís mom had set up. I thought he was gonna walk straight into in, but he pulled up at the edge. We couldnít get much further from the house. He turned around as I said, "What did you want to talk about?"

He smiled, "I donít want to talk. I couldnít ask you to come outside so I could kiss you for a while." With that his hand was laced through my hair and his lips were on mine. Soft kisses as we wrapped out arms around each other. "We said no talking until tomorrow."

I stopped sucking his neck, "I thought youíd forgot."

"No way, free reign until tomorrow. At the earliest. Oh god, I like that."

I laughed, "I know you do." I sucked his earlobe again, "They all know."

He kissed my nose, "I donít care."


"Been out there a while." Brain mused.

"Leave them alone." Lee smacked his shoulder.

I laughed, "They better not destroy my momís garden. We can go to her room and see the garden."

Howie laughed, "Yaíll wouldnít do that?" We were halfway up the stairs by then. We were at the door to her balcony before Howie got there, "Ok, thatís far enough. A little privacy here. Just watch out the window.

Nick laughed, "You just donít want the soundtrack to go with the movie."

"Hearing Kevin fuck is something I can live without."

I cackled, "Really, itís not bad. Heís a moaner, not a talker."

"Why do you know this?" Brian asked.

"Iíve been rooming next to him for years, do you really think I havenít heard?"

Howie pulled him away from the door, "Well, youíre not gonna hear now. This isnít some groupie heís fucking, itís Tracie. And that makes a difference."

Nick screwed up his face, "I think he might be right."

I thought a second, "Iíll be good out of respect for her."

Lee laughed, "See thereís an upstanding citizen inside."

"Donít push it. I told myself they could have a week, tops." I pulled back the curtain. "Itís raining."

Lee pushed in, "Are they out there?"

The others crowded in and looked. Nick yelled, "There they are. By the palm."

"I canít see shit. All I see are flowers."

Nick laughed, "Youíre looking to low. They are standing over there by the palm. Kissing."

Leeís hand went to her mouth, "Oh wow. That is the most romantic thing. Making out in the rain. I bet they donít even notice."

I shook my head, "Kissing in the rain. Amazing." I look over and Lee is crying. Nick has his arm around her. Now theyíre dating and donít know it too. "Umm, Lee? You ok there, babe? Just kissing."

She glared at me, "It took them forever to figure this out. They are perfect together. Theyíre not out there fucking, theyíre just kissing. I am so fucking jealous."

Then Nick is hugging her, and kissing her head. I turned back to watch the thunderstorm. Big ass lightning. All right, I have to admit that those two out there in the rain locked in a kiss and holding onto each other is yanking at my heart too. While Iím admitting things, they walked in they both looked happy. I like my friends to be happy. Weíre in the studio this week. Iím looking forward to that more than ever now.

Everyone headed downstairs and I caught Nick. I waited until they were out of the room, "What are you doing?"

"Going downstairs?"


"I like her."

"No shit. Dump Pam move on. You watch yourself tonight, you have two girlfriends at this party."

Nick thought for a minute, "Youíre right."

I opened the French doors, "Hey! You two. Woo hoo, hello. Itís a fucking thunderstorm. Come inside. You can have a room. We need a healthy Kevin in the studio."

They both looked up at me then started laughing. Tracie buried her head against his chest and he kissed her. Now that one got me.

I met them coming in the door, "You know, just go home. I love you both. If youíre FINALLY figuring out you belong together you donít need to be at a party. You need to be off figuring it out, or just enjoying each other. Bye." They looked at each other and smiled, then hugged me. "Fine now Iím all wet. And donít think for a second Iím not gonna give you shit about this. Iím gonna give you a few days to talk it to death first. Go. Have fun storming the castle."


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