It would be fair to say that talking was the last thing on my mind. "Your place?"

"Yes, then I can get some clothes." I closed her door and walked around.

"I like you in my clothes."

"I like my own underwear. Yours donít fit."

"Is this your way of saying you donít have on any?"

She ran her fingers through my hair, "Yes, Kevlyn."

Damned stick shift! Why did I get a manual transmission? I wanted my hand inside her . . . my pants, but no . . . have to shift. Is it really that bad to drive somewhere in second gear?

"Hurting, baby?"

"Just a little." I yanked at my shorts. Needed more room.

"Iím sorry."

I smiled at her, "You caused it." I probably shouldnít have said that. Next thing I know her hand is between my legs rubbing up and down my length.

"I like that I caused it." Then she started laughing.

"What is so funny?"

She didnít stop touching me, but kept laughing, "As soon as I said that, and heard myself I jumped back a week and thought about how ridiculous that sounded."

"Oh god, mmmm, donít stop that." Felt way too good, "What do you mean?"

"I mean as just friends I would never say that, and thatís what I thought. Clicked to your friend."

I started laughing too, "I understand. Please, donít stop touching me." She reached her hand up the leg of my shorts and really began to work me. "Tracie, shit, youíre gonna make me cum."

"Concentrate on driving."

"Not possible." She didnít stop. I held off until we got in her parking lot. As soon as I turned of the engine I slid the car seat back and stretched out a little. Wasnít prepared for what came next. She leaned over, pulled my cock out of my shorts and sucked me. For about 10 seconds. I was a goner. Hands in her hair holding her to me. Cumming hard. I was leaning back into the seat and felt her climb in my lap. I heard her ass hit the horn too. My hands were on her breasts, "I havenít gotten a blow job in a car since I was, I donít know, seventeen."

"I havenít given a blow job in a car since I was . . . well, never. Kinda fun." Laughing some more.

"I like being 17 again." I kissed her, leaving us both a little breathless, "Letís go inside."

Once in the door I grabbed her, kissed her, and started pulling my clothes off her, "I donít think you can be naked fast enough." I couldnít get the knot out of the tank, so I pulled an AJ and ripped that sucker in too.

"Damn!" Tracie was dropping my shorts and yanking my shirt over my head.

"Want you now, Tracie. On your back and squirming with my head between your legs."

I get what I want.


Another night of little to no sleep. But oh so worth it. Iím still avoiding thinking. Itís not too hard, my body feels too good most of the time to have room to think.

I think we fell asleep around five. I woke up about noon. Ugh, itís Sunday afternoon. Time to think. I kissed his chest and laid my head down. He rolled to his side and held me, "Five. No thinking until five. Weíll order some Mexican, drink some tequila, and talk then. Not yet."

"Ok, five. Wanna fool around?"

"Oh yeah."


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