I pushed my plate away, "Iím done."

Tracie looked at hers, "Nope, not hungry."

I smiled, "Come on." I stood and took her hand. Both of us knew we were getting to the end of this conversation. I liked where it was going. So far I hadnít heard anything that changed my mind. I sat down in her chair and pulled her into my lap. I had to kiss her. Slowly.

"I donít know how to do this." She looked worried.

"Do what . . exactly."

"Go from friends to lovers. I donít mean the physical part, obviously. I mean the day to day things. As friends we talk every day. As lovers do we do that or does that get ooky?"

Time to define this all, "Tracie, what do you want? Do you know?"

She smiled and put her hand on my face. Damn, that felt good, all over my body. "I want you." That felt even better. "For my best friend and my lover. I want to keep you both, figure out how to be both without compromising either."

I smiled, "Thatís what I want. I donít want to lose you busting me, or laughing at me. But I want to add the sex, or is that keep the sex?"

"I think itís keep the sex." She laughed a little, "The sex is so good."

"I know." I pulled her to me for a hug, a big hug. I donít know how to do this either. Keep talking, I guess. So far so good."

"So far. You know, itís hard for me sometimes. Like earlier. Weíve been friends for so long I canít imagine that it wonít be weird sometimes. Getting used to crossing that line."

I knew just what she meant. Iíd felt it too. I used the back of my fingers to rub her breast, feeling as her nipple responded. I never broke eye contact with her, "Like now."

She shook her head, "Yes. God, Kevin as your friend I want to laugh and smack your hand. As your lover I want to beg you for more."

"Weíre going to have to figure out how to blend the two. I want to try. I want you."

I waited for her answer, "I want you too. I think that we can make this work. Weíll laugh or fight our way through it."

"Past a month and Iím lost." I hated that.

"Iíll teach you."

That hurt. End of conversation. Time for kissing. Lots and lots of kissing. Nothing but kissing.

I pulled back and looked at her, "I donít want this to ever be all about sex. And it wonít be. Too much time invested in us to let it be so little." I kissed her softly, "Are we staying here or back to my house?"

"Your house. You have to be in the studio early."

"Pack a bag. Iím not sure when Iím letting you come home."

"Iím not sure when Iíll want to."


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