Ah, everyone is on time. Even Kevin. Kevin is never on time, "Why are you here?"

He narrowed his eyes, "Am I no longer in the group?"

Brian caught on, "Youíre never on time. And . . . Iím betting that you were not alone this morning."

"Or last night", Nick added.

"Or the night before", Howie laughed.

Kevin looked at me, "Your turn."

I shook my head, "No way. I promised myself to give you two a week before I started ragging on you. At least 3 days."

"Why thank you." Sarcasm I recognize.

Brian and Nick laughed, "I didnít make this promise."

Howie was rubbing his hands together, "So you and Tracie are knocking boots?"

Kevin rolled his eyes, "Knocking boots? Do people actually use this phrase?"

"Fine, whatever you call it."

"Guys, this isnít some girl I met at a party and hooked up with. Tracie has been my friend . . . our friend for a long time now. And it feels wrong to me to sit here and say, "Yeah, guys we fucked all night, whoa let me tell you the things that body can do!""

We all looked at him. He always talked, we all always talked. We knew the details about each others sex lives with a new woman or a one stand before we knew the girlís name. But here sat Kevin, the one who loves to brag and be the center of attention, saying he wasnít going to talk trash on Tracie. Time to test another theory, "You talked about Jessica."

"Jessica started as a casual thing that became more. Tracie has always been more. Iím not gonna sit here and make it less, make us less by making it all about sex. Itís never been about sex, and just because now weíre having sex itís not all about sex. This isnít some casual thing."

I liked that answer, "So youíre a couple?"

He thought about that and grinned, "We havenít talked about that, but yeah. This is important to both of us. That we figure out how to do this. Itís hard, and itís weird as hell to cross that friendship line. Freaks both of us out."

Nick was listening very closely, "What do you mean freaks you out? What freaks you out?"

I think that Kevin understood that Nick was legitimately asking for information for himself and not being an ass. Kevin was wringing his hands, "Like . . . Tracie and I sleep together all the time. No big deal. We wake up and start talking, fix breakfast . . . whatever. But Tracie and I do not wake up together naked." He laughed, "Until recently anyway. I had no idea what to say or do in the morning. I was freaking. What the hell had we done? Friends donít do this, weíre friends. Weíre used to being friends and doing friend things. Weíre not used to doing lover things."

Nick asked again, "What did you do . . . in the morning?"

"Nothing. I couldnít do anything. Tracie said we werenít gonna talk about it until Sunday. We were just gonna enjoy it. That killed the weird and we got back to normal."

"So you didnít know what to do and she did?"

"Yep. Then later when we were talking neither of us knew what to do, so we kept talking and came up with something. If that doesnít work weíll try something else."

Nick shook his head, "Pam and I canít get that far. It stalls out."

I looked over, "Because you guys arenít friends. They already know how to be friends, theyíre doing the same things with different topics."

Brian punched Nick in the arm, "Words of wisdom from The Bone" and laughed. They all laughed. Except Kevin. He looked at me, nodded, and smiled.


We got to work, but werenít very productive. I couldnít stop thinking about what AJ had said. He was right. Nick was distracted. I think he was doing the same as me. He and Pam werenít friends, never had been. AJ was basking in the glory of being useful. Brian and Howie were reacting to the others of us not being into it.

We got frustrated. We picked at each other. We argued. I suggested that we call it a day about three. Howie mouthed off, "You just want to get to Tracie, and "not" fuck."

I blew, "Bullshit! No one is focused. No one. Three days ago you never would have said that shit. It wouldnít have been an issue. Itís still not. Nothing has changed. Sleeping together doesnít suddenly make us inseparable. Thatís exactly what we donít want. We donít want to change us."

I walked out and went home. I cleaned. I organized. I fumed. I settled into the couch, turned on some music, and grabbed a beer. Tracie came in and I yelled, "Iím in the family room."

She came into the room and sat down next to me. I felt her fingers run through my hair and settle on my neck. I liked that. She looked at me, "Youíve been cleaning, whatís wrong?"

"How do you know that?"

"You clean when youíre stressed."

"No, how do you know Iíve been cleaning."

She sniffed the air, "I can smell it."

I laughed, "Youíre good." I sighed, "No one was focused today. We all got bitchy. I snapped at Howie and left. I had suggested we stop and he said it was to get to you. You had nothing to do with it."

Her fingers were tickling my neck, not distracting me, but calming me, "I hope not."

"Tracie, thatís exactly what we talked about not wanting to happen. Two days in and he thinks itís all about US, all about you."

She was smiling at me. "Sure. We have to figure out how to relate as lovers, and our friends have to figure out how to relate to us as lovers. Howie was trying to figure out the new rules."

I was pissed again, "There are no god damned new rules."

Her fingers were in my hair again, "Of course there are, baby. Weíre using the word us, and it means something different. If weíre hanging out for the weekend one of them drops by theyíve got a 50/50 shot at us laughing and talking, or us having sex. Thatís different."

I almost smiled, "Seventy five percent. Itís new."

She did smile and crawled into my lap, "See? The same things that we talk about freaking us out, are things our friends are gonna have to get used too. Us sneaking outside to kiss. I guess that anyway we slice it, some things have changed."

"I like you sitting in my lap."

She kissed me, "I do to. Iíve sat in your lap hundreds of times before. But three days ago your dick didnít get hard when I did. And calling you Kevlyn now . . ."

"Makes me want to make you say it the way I really like hearing it." I kissed her. Not nearly as innocently as she kissed me. "You called me baby."

"Did I?"

"Yes, you did. I felt it."

"Iím so very sorry."

I laughed, "Youíre making fun of me?"


"Good, I donít ever want to lose that." I brushed her hair over her shoulder, "Iím sorry. First day you come here after work and Iím freaking out."

"No worries. Iíll freak out later."

She buried her head against my neck. She smelled like suntan oil, Hawaiian Tropic, and her skin glistened. I ran my finger from her shoulder to her hand then laced my fingers with hers, "Do you always smell like this after work?"


I kissed her neck feeling very turned on, "No, coconuty. Maybe mixed with sweat. But I like it. Tastes good too."

She turned around to straddle my lap, "Yes, always after work." She pulled my shirt over my head and I did the same. I lifted her bathing suit top over her breasts and squeezed them. I used my tongue to taste her nipples before sucking her. I love to suck her breasts. She loves it. That makes me love it. Her hands felt all over my shoulders and back, and into my hair. ĎGod, Kevin. I like coming home to this. That feels so damn good."

"I can make it feel better." I felt her body shake and laughed.

"You gotta stop that. I donít know how to react when you say that. It freaks me out."

I knew she was kidding about the stop part, but not the rest. I slid my hand inside the front of her pants then my finger inside her, "Trace, it feels like your body know just how to react. So wet, baby. I want inside you. You go ahead and freak out, Iíll be ok and take care of it all." I laid her down on the couch, and peeled off her shorts as she got rid of her top. I threw my shorts across the room. "Iíll make it all better."

Her fingernails raked down my chest and wrapped around my cock, "I need to find a way to get the upper hand and keep you from being in charge all the time. Youíre killing me."

I slid inside her, "Trace, you have much more control over me than you think." I think maybe she had for a while. As my friend I wanted her to be proud of me. I need that. As my lover I want to please her. Me taking control of the sex is one way to do that, but sheís very much in control. I wonder what it would take for both of us to lose control?


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