Ah, the life of the girlfriend of a pop star. Heís been busy. No time for me and Iím new. **Sniff** Just kidding. If I ever become a whimpering sniveling girlfriend I hope to God that one of my friends will kick my ass. Hell, heíll kick my ass. Iíll kick my ass? Someone, please. I donít take it personal. I get done with work, go by my place and do some stuff then head over to Casa De Kevin. I beat him there, he beats me. We talk, laugh, have sex, sleep. Very good.

"I will be late. Again."

I laughed, "Of course you will."

"Three days in a row."

"Part of it."

"Youíre not upset?"

"Not at all. Do you forget who youíre talking to?"

"Yes, and no. Iím in awe that we are still us and this is nothing. Happily in awe. But I am pouting that I havenít gotten to see much of you."

I love it when he clicks into boyfriend Kevin, "You saw a lot of me last night."

"You know what I mean." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"I know. How has today gone?"

"Shitty. Weíre all tight. Three days of over 12 hour days make Backstreet Boys very grumpy. Today itís been sit on our asses. My shoulders hurt, my back hurts, my ass hurts."

I visualized the parts as he said them, "Want a massage when you get home?"

Perked up, "Oh yeah! Love one. How is your day?"

"Itís overcast. I like that. Not quite as hot. I havenít felt the need to drown any children today either. Only one lecherous man who felt the need to get a little to close to me." I laughed as I remembered him.

"No touching. I am the only lecherous man who can get close."

"I like you close."

"I like you close, too. I will see you as soon as I can."

"Ok, Iíll be home."

Can I sigh here? I like talking to him. Iíve always liked talking to him, but I really like it now. Itís great to have someone who covers all the bases, and meets all my needs. I donít mean that in a sick way where heís all I need, I mean that friend, confidant, lover, emotional, and physical way.

I headed to the grocery to get stuff for dinner. Iím in a cooking mood. I am also in the mood to do something nice for Kevin.


The day didnít get better. Until I got home. I wasnít one hundred percent sure that it was my house when I walked in. Candles lit the house, sultry jazz filled my ears, and it smelled amazing. Now all I needed was something to look at. Where is Tracie? I was laughing when she came down the stairs, "What is so funny, stud muffin?"

I stopped laughing. She had on this hot pink tank style negligee and my mouth was watering, "Nothing now, sex kitten." I know, cheesey as shit, but it was an impulse. I met her at the foot of the stairs and took her in my arms, "I am so glad to be home. To see you. Not in that order."

I laid my mouth against hers and felt her respond in my arms. Her body tensing just a little until she got right up next to me then she relaxed into me. It was like being too far away made her uncomfortable. I know it made me uncomfortable. I wanted to be touching her whenever she was around. Even if it was just my leg lying against hers as we sat at the table. Thinking back it had always been that way. I canít remember a time when she and I werenít touching. Kissing her was the best. The way her tongue caressed mine was enough, but sent me to the place where there was more.

She pulled away from me, "I need to go check dinner."

I held on, "What smells so good? Besides you."

"Go change and come see." I changed into shorts, no shirt and found her in the kitchen. She looked at me, "No fair."

"Do you think that negligee is fair? I donít. Going up stairs with a hard on is not easy."

"Learn control."

"Not even gonna try." I wrapped my arms around her as I stood behind her, "The phenomenon of getting hard when I see you is something I like way to much to stop." I sucked along her neck, reveled in the feel of her body collapsing into mine, and her nipples coming to a peak as I touched them.

"Kevin, why donít you pour the wine and Iíll bring dinner in."

"Good one, act like you donít notice. I know better." She smiled as I walked off.


Of course I noticed. But dammit! I am in control tonight. I took our plates in and sat them down, he pulled out my chair for me. We talked quietly as we ate. Kevin told me that in a few weeks they had to go to California for a few days to work with some producers. He wasnít sure of time lines yet, but they needed to get the stuff they had out to them soon. They would take the next couple of days to finalize it then ship it off. The producers would listen and then get back to them about when to head out.

We finished eating and took our wine glasses to the family room. He looked so good. The summer was good to him and his skin was so tan. I loved how his shorts hung low on his hips and I could barely see the beginning of one of his tattoos. He stretched out on the couch and I sat beside him. His eyes were closed and I took a few seconds to take in all of him before reaching out to touch that tattoo, "Remember when you got this?"

"Yup, hurt like a mother fucker. I do love them though."

I pulled down his shorts to see all of the "pleasure" one, "I do to. Very sexy."

"Thank you. Dinner was wonderful. I didnít know you were such a good cook."

"I love to cook, you know that."

"Yeah, but I never tasted . . . your cooking." He had an evil smile.

"Now that youíve tasted . . . my cooking, what do you think?"

I drew little designs on his chest as he talked, "Great presentation. Made my mouth water. Hot. Perfect combination of spices and textures. I liked the variety of side dishes."

I leaned over and licked at his nipple, "Side dishes are important, donít you think?"

His hand was in my hair, "Definitely."

I kissed his lips, "Ready for your massage."

"Are we still talking metaphorically?"


"I am ready for my massage."


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