Tracie took my hand and led me upstairs. She lit the candles as I stood there watching with my arms crossed across my chest, "I like to watch you move."

She turned and smiled at me. "I like the way that your clothes seem to float on you, and the way your hair falls across your shoulders. It turns me on." She had her arms around me now. "You turn me on."

She kissed across my collarbone and up to my ear, "I like that I turn you on."

One thing I truly loved about us. A compliment didnít need to be matched. She could just accept it and move on. "Tracie . . ." She was sucking on my earlobe.

"Yes . . . stud muffin?"

I laughed, "I forgot what I was going to say." She rubbed between my legs, "Is that supposed to help me remember, because it ainít gonnna work . . . sex kitten."

"Oh, Iím so sorry. Donít move."

I obeyed and soon felt the coolness of silk across my eyes, "What is that for? Not that I mind."

"If you canít see your other senses are heightened. Thatís a good way to get a massage."

She put her hands on my waist and guided me to the bed. I didnít hesitate and realized that I trusted her completely, "May I please have more than just a massage?"

"I was thinking a full body massage. Maybe a little added attention to some parts."

"Producing an orgasm?"

"Youíre awfully greedy tonight." She pushed me gently back on the bed and I laid down, "If youíre a good boy."

"I promise, sex kitten."

"Ok, now thatís not being good. Thatís being retarded, stud muffin."

"How bout just kitten?"

"Only if I get to purr."

"If I make you purr I can call you kitten?"

"Lay down."

"Youíre ignoring me."

"Iím planning on molesting you, now shut the fuck up and lay down."

"Yes, maíam. Front or back?" This is some fun sex and she hasnít even touched me.

"Front, please." I did as she asked.

I felt her pulling my shorts and lifted my hips for her. I wanted those off. I heard some noise then felt her climb on the bed and sit on my ass. I could feel the warmth of her through her panties. She was right, every other sense was heightened and I liked not knowing what was coming. Her hands began at my shoulders and kneaded those muscles with a warm lotion, smelled like vanilla. I heard myself moan and was rewarded with a kiss between my shoulder blades. "Tracie, that feels great."

"Thank you."

Her hands dug into those muscles and worked out knots I didnít even know I had. It was a good long time before she moved on to my back. I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper into the mattress. I know I wasnít really, but I was getting so relaxed. I could barely speak. I was at that relaxation point where you can move, but you just donít see why you would want to. I moaned again as she hit a spot in my lower back that seemed to send a wave of pleasure right up my spine, "There . . . oh god . . that feels incredible."

"Right there?"

"Ohhhhh yesssss!" I buried my head in the pillow when I felt her tongue running over that same spot and her teeth nipping at me. "This is definitely more than a massage. If I die right now Iíd be happy."

"Give me another thirty minutes."

I laughed, "I donít know if I can last another thirty minutes."

"Iíll make you. Beside I didnít say you had to last another thirty minutes. Just to give me another thirty minutes. Donít ask, just enjoy."

"You got it." I sunk into the feeling even more. I felt her hands on my ass. This was new, "Iíve never had my ass massaged before."

"Kevlyn, I think your ass has been grossly neglected. You have a beautiful ass."

"I donít have an ass." I would have laughed but it would have taken to much energy.

"AJ doesnít have an ass. You have sweet little round butt. Not as round as Nickís, but holding itís own very nicely from where I sit."

"As long as you like it."

"I do."

She got more lotion and I found myself thinking that indeed my ass had been neglected. I liked this a lot. She scooted down and sat between my legs with her hands moving up my thighs and along my ass. She kissed and sucked along the line where my leg met my ass. That felt good. I think all the blood in my body had pooled in my torso. I felt so heavy and my arms and legs were limp. I knew where she was going. Didnít care. Was looking forward to it actually. She knew she had me right were she wanted me. So relaxed I didnít care. I said I needed to be in the right mood . . . this would be it. I moaned my assent as her fingers trailed down the crack of my ass. She would return to my thighs and lower back as she kissed me then her finger would slide a little deeper. I involuntarily raised my ass just a little. I got rewarded with a gentle stroke of my balls with her tongue. The same tongue that I felt probe an area that had never been touched by another human being. "Holy shit." It was more of a sigh than anything. I felt her fingers spread me as her tongue moved around me. Now I knew that my ass had been "grossly neglected". I was squirming. In a very . . . very good way.

I almost begged when she stopped, but she said, "Roll over, baby."

I knew she wasnít done with me. It took every ounce of energy I had to roll over, but I did it. Damn glad I did. First her hand wrapped around my cock and stroked me even harder than I already was. As impossible as that might sound. Then her mouth took me in. This is normally where I start to get all tense and feel that build up that ends in an earth shattering explosion. Nope, not now. She kept me relaxed. Her mouth moved so slow and she kissed and licked my shaft. Not to get me off, but to feel good. Feel good it did. Her hand, still slick with lotion, massaged my balls then I felt her lips kissing me. Licking me. I didnít know what to do with my hands. I couldnít really reach her, so I found myself rubbing along my chest and stomach. I felt her finger along my ass again and slowly start to push inside me. I stopped breathing. I didnít know what to expect.

"Talk to me."

She kissed along my inner thigh and to be honest I didnít give a shit what she did at this point as long as she didnít stop, "Good, Tracie."

"More . . . or enough."

I moved against her, "More." She gave me more. Iím guessing two of her fingers were now inside me. Moving slowly in and out. Every now and then Iíd feel a shock of pleasure and I knew that wasnít an accident. She continued to lick and kiss my cock as she worked another finger inside me. Her attention to my cock was just enough to keep me hard, but I believe that her fingers inside me would have done that.

"No . . . not yet." But she pulled out of me anyway. She pushed my legs up and I felt her tongue on me again, "Oh yeah, oh yeah." I felt something else push at me then slip right into me, "Oh shit!" I was ready to protest, but the feeling as she turned the vibrator on made that thought go away and all I did was moan.

She sucked my inner thigh again, "I knew youíd like."

"Oh fuck do I." Part of me wanted that blindfold gone so I could see her, but something told me no. She didnít move the vibrator, but I felt her moving around on the bed. "Oh god, baby, yes . . . please . . . oh god." I know, begging. But damn! She had gotten rid of her panties and was slowly sinking down on me. "I am going to die."

"Not yet, give me five more minutes of your time before you make that decision."

She began to slowly ride me, "Trace, not my decision, youíre gonna kill me."

"Only in a good way."

I reached out my hands to touch her, and found her back was to me. Which I guess made it easier for what came next. As she rode me with my hands moving over her back, she began to move the vibrator inside me. Fuck me with it if you will. I grabbed onto her hips and guided her speed on me, which also guided her speed in me. I wanted . . . I kept it slow and easy. I wanted . . . I needed this to last. Her hips circled as she moved on me and I heard her breathing change. I couldnít take any more. No speech made it through. My brain wasnít working. All I could manage was a series of moans and primitive grunts. She got the picture.

"Cum for me, Kevin."

I slammed her down on me as I came, and she didnít stop moving the vibrator. I arched off the bed with my head thrown back. I wanted as far inside her as I could get then I collapsed in a sweaty limp blob on the bed. She let the vibrator fall out of me as I fell out of her. She laid her body on me and kissed me. More sucking the very life out of me. I really was gonna die any second. She pushed the blindfold off my head and I kept my eyes closed. My hands held her face and I kissed her repeatedly until I could open my eyes. I held her there and looked at her, "I have never in my life."

She kissed my nose, "But you will again. Thatís the best part."

"I canít really break things into best parts the whole thing was the best part. You are amazing. Iíve never been so relaxed in my life."

She laughed, "You said that."

I held her tight to me, "My brain is fried. Forgive me."

"I like that I fried your brain. You needed your brain fried."

"Hell, Tracie, I didnít think there was anything left I wanted to experience."

"Good." She snuggled into my neck and softly kissed me, "I need to cum."

"I think I can help you out with that."

"No. You just relax. Iíll take care of it. You can watch."

I really am gonna die now.


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