I knew it had to be either Tracie or Nick knocking on my door at two am. Part of me knew it was Nick. He was leaning against the porch wall with his hands in his shorts pockets. I couldnít help but smile, "Good evening, Nick."

"Morning actually. I broke up with Pam."

Jumping up and down would be in poor taste, "Iím sorry. How are you doing? What happened?" We sat down and he went over what had gone on. He said that after stopping by Kevin and Tracieís he drove around and felt better and better. "I bet. Itís got to feel good to be moving on. I know youíve thought abut this a lot and tried to make it work. Sometimes I think itís just a relief to know you donít have to keep banging your head on the wall."

Yes! Iíve felt like I was hitting a brick wall. No matter what I did it was the same. Today was just enough. Finally."

"Finally is right." We sat there looking at the floor, "Nick, I donít mean that in a mean way. All of us . . . I noticed her pulling you down, and when she wasnít around you came to life. Youíre so much fun and good man. It was shitty to watch."

"Thank you. I started to see that I was thinking really bad about me. Then some things happened and I realized it wasnít me. Wasnít all me. I get part of it."

I laughed, "Iíll let you have part of it." We talked for quite awhile. He shared a lot of what had been going on, and went back and talked about the beginning. Sweet story, but hindsight is 20/20 vision and as we talked he was able to see the beginnings of all that had happened. The signs were there. Like all of us he wanted the fairytale and overlooked them. I watched him get sad, then bounce back. He came back to being relieved and proud of himself for making changes for his own good. There was a lull and he yawned, it had to be five in the morning, "Nick, you can stay here tonight if you want? I donít want you driving this tired."

"Thanks, Lee. Iíll take you up on that. Iíll figure out till the end of the month tomorrow."

We stood up and I hugged him, "Here, Kevinís, or one of the others. Iím sure youíre welcome any where." I stepped back and noticed Nickís eyes drift down my body. He smiled that killer half smile and shifted his hips. I looked down at myself and noticed that my nightshirt had risen to an almost obscene level and revealed just enough to cause a specific reaction in Nick. I watched the bulge in his shorts grow. He showed no shame as he reached down to adjust himself. I smiled and walked forward. I put one hand on his shoulder and one hand on his cock, "Can I help you with that?"

He lifted the bottom of my nightshirt and tilted his head to look as his fingers played between my legs, "Maybe we can help each other. Iíve always been attracted to you, that first night AJ brought you to the party."

I didnít get the chance to say thank you before we were kissing. His lips were full and as soft as Iíd fantasized them. He pulled my nightshirt over my head before he pulled me next to him. I slid my hand inside his shorts and grabbed him, "Good lord."


"Nothing." I fell to my knees and yanked his shorts down. "Oh wow." I heard him laugh, then that turned to a moan as I took him in my mouth. To say he is well endowed would be very accurate, almost an understatement.

"Damn, Lee, that feels so good." I felt his hands in my hair as I sucked him, then he grabbed me and pulled his cock from my mouth. He knelt down in front of me, "I donít do rebound shit. We gonna try this?"

I pulled his shirt over his head, "Yes. I want you, Nick."

"I want you too." He held me against him and kissed me. I could feel how much he wanted this. In his kiss and the hard length pressing into me. I moved my hips against him and grabbed his ass, digging my nails into his flesh. He sucked my neck and lowered me to the floor. Once on my back he licked my breasts. He teased me with small licks all around my nipple, but never quite there.

"Dammit Nick!"

He looked up at me, "What? You need something." He slid his finger inside me, "Damn, girl. You do need something." He lowered his head again and sucked my nipple hard as his finger felt inside me.

I ran my hands through his soft blond hair, "So soft. I wondered. Oh god, Nick. That feels so good. Give me you."

He rolled between my legs and rubbed his head against me, "So warm and wet, Lee. This will feel so good. Deep inside you." He shoved himself deep inside me with one hard thrust. I screamed out. More from pleasure, but just a little pain as he filled me. That good pain though. Just on the brink. "Good. Oh man . . . feels so good . . . tight . . . wrap your legs around me . . . I want you to fuck me."

He flipped us over and I gasped at the feeling of him even deeper inside me, "Good god, Nick. You feel so good."

"Fast, Lee. Fuck me fast."

He squeezed my breasts, and my nipples as I rode him. Fast. Again mostly pleasure, but just a little pain. Hurt so good. I leaned back on his thighs and kept up the pace. My legs were beginning to cramp, "Nick, baby, you gotta take over."

"You got it! Iíll finish us." He sat up, "The couch, letís move to the couch." He sat me on the couch with my ass on the edge and entered me again, "Oh fuck, Iím almost there. I want you to cum." He reached between us and used his thumb on my clit.

"Yeah, Nick. Thatís it. Faster . . . oh . . . damn." I shook dug my nails into his hips as my orgasm hit.

"Tight . . so damn tight . . . Lee, Iím gonna fucking explode . . . ahh!" With that he did. His hands grabbed my ass and lifted me off the couch as he arched his back.

His eyes were still closed when I spoke, "Damn, youíre beautiful when you come."

He opened one eye, "Youíre nuts."

"Nope. Beautiful. Intense."

"Felt good. Damn good."

"Yes, it did. Letís go to bed. I want to do that again."

"And again. Iím young."

I laughed, "Thank god for younger men."

He laughed and threw me over his shoulder, "Iím not sleeping in the guest room."

"Fuck no!"


I didnít expect this to happen. I did want it too though. Imagine me smiling here. I donít like to be alone, and I donít think I would have left Pam without having a possible something after her. I donít think I go looking, and Iíve never cheated on a girlfriend, but I do like to have an option. Iíve been pulling away from Pam for a while now. I feel like Iíve mourned the loss as I went along. And I know that I need someone else to get over the rest with. I did think Lee was beautiful when I first met her. Then I watched her be the drier, and slightly more cynical, but just as fun version of Tracie. She knew who we were, but didnít give a shit. She has a great head for business and numbers, and can talk anyone into anything. Sheís a great fundraiser. She knows just how to stroke egos. She has been a good friend to me, to all of us. When I knew things were ending with Pam I started looking around. I flirted a little more, and she responded. When Tracie and Kevin got together I was jealous. Not of either of them, but that relationship. I decided that when it was over I wanted that, and I wanted Lee. I believe in fate, and I believe that she came into my life and became a friend to get me out of that mess, and then to be more. I donít need to analyze every little thing, like Kevin, I go much more on feeling. I wanted her now. Obviously she wanted me too.


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