This early shit has to give. I got to the studio early. Nick was next. "You ok?"

"Iím excellent." He had that smile.

"Whatís her name?" I knew Nick was one to jump right into the next relationship, much like AJ.

Nick leaned over and whispered, "Lee."

I sat up, "Our Lee?"

"If you can fuck Tracie, why canít I fuck Lee?"

"First off, I am not judging you. I like Lee, if you guys like each other go for it. Secondly, I am beginning to get damn tired of references to me fucking Tracie. I am not just fucking Tracie."

AJ had just walked in, "What would you prefer?"

I turned, "I donít know."



I laid in bed for a long time after Nick left. We had no sleep. I called Tracie, "Guess what?"

"Nick spent the night there didnít he?"

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes." I pulled the covers over me, "Damn a younger man. He is fucking beautiful."

"Woo hoo! Excellent."

I suddenly felt a little bad, "We talked about Pam. He seems ok. Heís one of those who gets involved to move on."

"And you my friend will allow him to mourn or rage or whatever he needs without adding guilt and taking it personal. And without steering him into something he doesnít want."

"Yes, I will. Heís gonna stay here until she moves out of his place. He gave her until the end of the month."

I heard a little panic in Tracieís voice, "Bad. Sheís nuts, sheís gonna destroy the house. Sheís hurt, and mad. Heís gotta get her out now."

"Shit, I hadnít thought of that."

I called Nick then went into work for a little while.


I promised Lee that I would go by the house at lunch and check things out, and pick up my things. Pam wouldnít do anything like that. Sheís not the vindictive type. I had a good reason for dropping by, needed to get my dogs.


I got home to find Nick sitting on the couch, holding the dogs tight, with tears streaming down his cheeks. I knelt in front of him and let the dogs kiss me, "Hey, handsome, what happened?"



Lee called me and asked me to meet her at Nickís house. We needed to erase Pam. I told Kevin where I was going and he laughed, "Youíre good at erasing. I never found even an earring back of Jessicaís. Call me if you need help with anything." Isnít he sweet?

I walked into the house and was stopped dead in my tracks, "Holy fuck!"

Lee came out of the kitchen. I could tell sheíd been crying, "I know. Wait until you see this shit."

We walked around the house. Most of the walls had something written on them, "stupid blonde pop star", "mother fucker", "man whore", "I bet you fuck your dogs when Iím away". "Hope you like necrophilia" was written over the dogís bowls in the kitchen and bottle of grass killer was there "Harmful or fatal to animals if swallowed. Keep off area to be treated for 24 hours." I threw the bottle in the garbage, "Please tell me Nick didnít find all this?"

"He came over here and found her. She freaked out, screaming and hitting him. He already has a few bruises. He called the police when he walked in the door, saw the first of it. They arrested her and hauled her off. Heís at my house sitting on the couch holding the dogs. Crying. I want to kill her."

"Iíll help." We hugged, "Jesus, Lee, sheís fucking nuts. Is this upstairs too?"

"I donít know. Havenít gone up there. The house will have to be painted. I thought we could run to Home Depot and get a primer and cover up the writing. I donít want this to show up anywhere. Tracie, he didnít deserve this. No one deserves this. He is so trusting. This has floored him."

"Iíd imagine so." I called Kevin and told him that I would be late and that Pam had trashed the house. I gave him a rough rundown of what she had done, what we had found so far, and he said he would head over to Leeís and just hang with him.

Lee and I ran out and got what we thought we would need. We started painting over the words immediately. It was going to take several coats to cover the black spray paint. The nicest thing weíd found so far that was that she had used the fireplace to burn all of Nickís video games, and a lot of his clothes. She had pictures, awards, and other things stacked on the couch. She was gonna do a lot of damage in those few weeks he gave her. I figure the writing on the walls was getting out the anger until she thought of the worse things. What a psycho!

We had bought some moving boxes and threw anything of hers into them as we made our rounds downstairs. I headed on upstairs. I was in no way prepared for what I found there. She had shredded the sheets on the bed, cut into the mattress, the feathers from the pillows were everywhere and the walls were covered here too. "You canít fuck worth a damn", "You useless little prick", then the one that cut into me like a knife "Your best friend is better."

I screamed for Lee. She came running, "What?" She stopped dead in her tracks, "Oh my god! Tracie . . ."

"Letís see if we can find anything. Letís start boxing things up."

"How bout we burn them?"

"Or send them to Brianís house." I was laughing.

She joined in. It was stress, "I can assure you that his prick is not little."

We were silent as we packed. She leaned back on the bed with a notebook, "I think we have hit the jackpot, her diary."

She had gone over to Brianís after a fight with Nick to see if he would tell her the truth about Nick cheating on her. Brian evidently comforted her and told her she was beautiful. Then they fucked. She talked about how he made her feel so wanted. That he was willing to risk his friendship with Nick to be with her must mean he really wanted her, and thought she was beautiful. She felt a little bad because she was in love with Nick, but Brian made her feel so good. She rationalized that if Nick could screw around with everything in a skirt, then her having a little thing with Brian wasnít so bad. We found several references to fucking him. It seemed like when she and Nick had a fight, or if she was feeling down sheíd go get a little self-esteem boost from Brian. She felt bad a lot. Too bad she didnít quite get that she was just a piece of ass. An easy piece of ass.

I was furious. I wanted to go rip Brian a new asshole. Lee was just sad. I knew that Kevin would be pissed and disappointed with Brian. Hell, this was incredible. Brian is the last one that I would ever figure to do this. His best friend.


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