Tracie called about three in the morning, "Hey, baby."

"Hey, when are you coming home?"

"Itís taking forever to cover this shit. Weíre packing her things too. We want to get it done. I think weíll work a little longer then crash. I donít know if Iíll get home before you go."

"Ok, get her out of there. Iíll go in early and see if we canít get it all wrapped up today. We should be able to, thereís not really much of anything left, just the details." I stretched.

"I wish I was there."

"I wish you were here too. Your pillow just isnít cutting it. Need to squeeze you."

"I need squeezing. This has been hard. Iíll explain it all when I see you."

ĎFind more?" She had told me about the writing downstairs

"Yeah, be patient. Leeís gotta tell Nick first."

"I understand. Be careful and get some sleep."

"I will, leave me your pillow."

"Sure thing, kitten." I laughed.

"I havenít heard any purring."

"You will." I hung up smiling. I wondered what was going on, what else they had found, but I could wait, especially at three am.


We finished, well close, at about five, "Iím gonna go home. I want to get to Nick before he heads in."

"Yeah, donít want him accidentally being nice to fuck face, I mean Brian." Tracie fiddled with the charred pieces of Nickís Playstation, "Lee, how are you gonna tell him this?"

"I figure he saw the wall. Iíll just confirm what he knows. I canít even imagine what an amazing betrayl this is."

"I can. Iíll stay behind and do another check then head on home. Weíll haul this shit off later."

We hugged, "Thank you, Tracie. I couldnít have done this alone. I owe you. Maybe I owe Kevin."

"Kevin will survive. Go take care of Nick. Heís gonna need you."

I cried most of the way home. He hadnít told me about the bedroom. Iím not sure if he knew or just didnít want to see. Nick was asleep in the bed with the dogs. He looked so little. I know, just me stressing. I took a shower to try and was away some of the ickiness. Nick was awake when I came out, "Morning gorgeous, sleep well."

"No. You werenít here. Thank you."

"No problem. We painted over everything, cleaned up, and boxed up her shit." I ran my fingers through his hair.

He sat up, "Whyíd you paint, Iím gonna have to hire painters to redo everything."

"I know, but I didnít want anyone seeing that. Itís gone now." I kissed him and laid down next to him, "Nick, did you go upstairs?"

"Yeah, have to replace the mattress. Itís all good. Iíll just redecorate the way I want. I let her change shit."

"Nick, the words on the wall. About Brian." I braced myself.

He scratched his head, "I know. Sheís nuts. I canít believe she would try to bring Brian into it."

I took a deep breath, "Baby, Tracie and I . . . we found her diary."

"I bet that was an interesting read. Anything I need to give to the police?"

He wasnít getting it, "Nick, Pam did fuck Brian. She went to him after a fight and they wound up in bed. Some bullshit about him making her feel wanted, especially if he was willing to risk your friendship to be with her. She went to him when she felt bad about herself. It happed a dozen or so times."

I watched his eyes dull and his face drop, "Please, Lee, tell me your kidding. Brian wouldnít do that."

"Iím sorry, honey. He did." I didnít know what to expect. Nick sat up. I sat up. He looked around the room. I donít know what for. He reached for me, and I took him in my arms. He started to cry. "Oh, Nick. Iím so so sorry. I canít believe he did that."

He cried for a while, "Iím not going to the studio today. I donít want to deal with him. Jesus fucking hell!"

"Tracie talked to Kevin earlier, he said there wasnít a lot left. Iím sure they can deal on their own." We sunk back into the bed and held each other.

"I thought it was a stupid play to get back at me. Dumping her was the smartest thing Iíve ever done. I should have done it months ago. Dammit, how could they."

I liked pissed better, "No way you could know she was that insecure, and fucked up."

"Add her too the pile with Jessica. Girlfriends, and wives who need to be erased. Hell, at least Jessica didnít fuck up the whole group."

"I know. This sucks." I didnít know how this was gonna be ok.

We talked about this some more, mainly just letting him vent. I was proud of him for not taking on responsibility for this. A month ago he would have, he took responsibility for everything. He blamed Pam and Brian. He should have. When we had covered everything two or three times he kissed me, "Lee, make love with me."

Not a problem.


I went over the house once more and found a bunch of little things of Pamís and got rid of those. I gathered the last of the destroyed stuff and hauled it out to the garbage. I vacuumed up the feathers in the bedroom. The paint had covered the horrible words well. Pam had left a huge mess all over the place. I had this hope that her mess would be external, and Nick would be able to keep a lot of the mess away from him. Not possible with the Brian part. I was very glad he had hooked up with Lee. She was already in place before the betrayl hit, hopefully he would keep the trust in her and they could work through this.

I wondered if anyone would ever know what went on with Kevin and Jessica.


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