I let Nick go. I wanted to deal with Pam. She started to follow Nick and Brian. I grabbed her arm, "Oh no you donít, you come with me." I drug her outside onto the pool deck, "You are a bitch."

"Lee, I donít need to hear from you. I made some mistakes."

"About twelve if I counted right."

"I love Nick."

I shook my head, "That very well may be true, but itís a sick twisted sort of love. To fuck someoneís best friend, to do the things you did at the house. Youíre a fruitloop."

"I was right though. Nick has been sleeping with you."

I laughed, "I wonít go there, this isnít about me."

Tracie came through the door, "Holy shit, Kevin took Brian outside, and AJ has Nick upstairs." She saw Pam, "What in the fuck are you doing here? Havenít you done enough?"

"Great, now thereís two." Pam threw her hands in the air.

"You are a bitch."

I laughed, "I said that already."

"Oh, sorry. But I think she deserves to hear it twice." Trace walked toward her and she backed up. I could tell Tracie was getting off on that. "I truly hope this is the last time I ever see you. So Iím gonna say some things. I have never met a more insecure and ridiculously jealous spiteful person in my life. You have been nothing but rude and mean to me since the night I met you and I never did a thing to get that. Believe me when I say it never bothered me. Someone who would treat a stranger like that isnít worth the effort. The things you did to Nickís house, you are trash. He was never unfaithful to you, but you canít say the same thing can you?"

"What? Are you going to erase me like you erased Jessica?" That wasnít the smartest thing sheíd ever seen.

Tracie got inches from her face, "Youíve already been erased. The only thing left is to blow the little pieces off the paper. Iím gonna ship all your shit that we packed up over to Brianís. He can deal with it."

"Iím not staying at . . ."

Tracie cut her off, "I donít give a flying fuck where youíre staying. I donít give a fuck about you. Youíre just a pesky little gnat that needs to be smashed. Leave now!"

"Iíll leave when Iím ready."

I walked up, "Let me help you get ready then." I pushed her in the pool.

She screamed and sputtered. Tracie had her hand over her mouth and looked at me, "Damn!"

"I hate violence."

"I know, you ok?"

I laughed, "Yeah, Iím good. You interrupted me."

"Iím sorry. I had some things to say. I think you did fine. Non-verbally."

From above us we heard laughter. It was AJ, "Which one of you hussies did that?"

We looked up. AJ and Nick were standing on the balcony outside of AJís momís room. AJ kept laughing and Nick had a smile on his face. Tracie shook her head, "We didnít do anything. She slipped. If one of us pushed her that would be assault."

Lee laughed, "That would be bad."

Nick leaned over the rail, "Pam, you should be more careful around pools, they are slippery and can be dangerous."

Pam was out of the pool and stomping across the deck into the house.

Trace and I waved, "Bye bye, donít let the door hit you in the ass."

She glared at us and kept walking.

AJ yelled down, "Loved it, thank you for the show."

Tracie and I headed inside and up the stairs. I sighed, "What happened with Nick and Brian?"

"Nick beat the shit out him. Kevin pulled him off and took Brian outside."

"This sucks." We walked through the door and Nick was right there and hugged her, "Iím sorry, Nick."

He kissed her, "No way, she deserved it. Thank you for standing up for me." He let go of her and hugged me, "I should have expected as much from you."

Tracie kissed him, "Of course. Itís a service I offer."

Howie came through the door, "Well, this is a very interesting party. I canít believe the things you said. Brian did that?"

"Yeah, he did that." Not sure who said it.

AJ shook his head, "Guess the fans will need to rethink that "Brother Brian" thing. Iím sorry Nick, shit, that sucks. I canít, I donít know what to say."

Nick came back and put his arm around me, "Thereís nothing to say."

Kevin strode into the room now. Heís pissed, thatís obvious, "When the fuck did this happen?"

Tracie was going to handle this one, she walked straight toward him. AJ leaned over to me, "Sheís fearless or stupid. Heís mad."

She stopped right next to him, "This is what Lee and I found out at the house."

"Dammit, Tracie, why did you tell me? Jesus, my cousin is fucking his best friendís girlfriend and you donít even tell me." He talks with his hands a lot and pointed his finger at her.

"I was trying to tell you before you shoved you damn tongue down my throat. And donít fucking point your finger at me." She poked him in the chest with her finger.

AJ cackled, "Alrighty then! Itís good to see that fucking hasnít changed your friendship, you still go right after each other."

Tracie and Kevin looked back at each other and laughed as they hugged, "Iím sorry, Trace." He kissed her then looked over at AJ, "I thought we talked about the fucking thing this morning?"

"You never told me what you wanted me to say."

Tracie looked confused, "What are you talking about?"

He kissed her again, "Later. Nick, are you alright? Iím sorry, I donít know what has gotten into him."

"Not your responsibility, Kevin. Your uncle is just his dad. Iíll be fine. I didnít mean to hit him, but he wouldnít shut up and he brought her here."

Kevin made a face, "I am not defending him, but he didnít know what sheíd done at the house. She told him you kicked her out and called the police. Trespassing."

Howie rolled his eyes, "I swear! Did she tell the truth to anyone?"

Nick hugged me, "I donít think so. Hopefully sheís gone now. I want her gone."

"The charges?"

"She destroyed my house, burned a bunch of shit, was gonna poison my dogs. Iím gonna talk to my lawyers. If she agrees to disappear Iíll get them to drop the charges. I want her gone."

AJ closed his eyes, "What about Brian?"

Nick groaned, "Weíll work it out. Weíll figure out a way. Iíll talk to him in a couple of days. I need to calm down. Itíll be a long time before I trust him again. He better stay away from Lee."

He kissed my head as I said, "You have got to be kidding me?"

"I hope so. I want to go get fucked up now."

Howie smiled, "We have the house to ourselves now. Everyone figured it best to leave after that little scene."

AJ opened the door, "Excellent, private party time. Iíll get the alcohol, Kevin get the pot. Tracie donít go with him, weíll never see you again."

Kevin flipped him off as he headed out the door.


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