I retrieved the bag from AJís hiding place and headed downstairs. There was this hot little blond in the oversized chair smiling at me, "I saved you some room."

She got up so I could sit down then sat in my lap. Forward young lady, "Is it me you want or my gifts?"

"Your gifts, but not the ones you brought from AJís room." She kissed me.

AJ ripped the baggie out of my hand, "At this rate itíll take all night to fire up. Give me that." He lit two joints and sent then in opposite directions, "Itís been a shitty night. Hope mom went to the grocery."

I laughed, "As long as you have brownie mix weíll be fine."

Nick laughed too, "Thatís gross. Donít do that again." As soon as he took one toke, the second joint was passed to him, "I like this." He passed it on then laid his head on Lee.

We drank and smoked and began to forget about the ugliness of the past few days. Nick did anyway. He and Lee were cutting up and kissing.

I threw a marshmallow at AJ, "Why arenít you giving him shit? You give me shit."

AJ threw it back, "Because Nick . . . hell, I donít know. Youíre more fun to mess with? Yeah, thatís it."

Howie laughed, "And you pretended you werenít interested for months, it took Nick . . . a day."

Nick looked up, "Hours."


I wasnít in the mood to get completely out of hand. I reached that level of relaxation and silliness and passed. I watched Nick, and Kevin get obliterated. Nick deserved it. I decided that Kevin was feeling guilty because Briís his family and I was betting that this was bringing up some of his own trust and betrayl issues. The ones he wouldnít talk about.

Needless to say we got hungry. There was bacon in the fridge. AJ played cook. We found some canned biscuits too. I think we wound up with thirty biscuits, a huge pile of hash browns with cheese, and two pounds of bacon. I laughed at I hauled part of it to the table, "Stoned people should not be allowed to cook."

Nick grabbed some bacon, "Man, thereís some serious food here."

Kevin sat with his arms wrapped around something, "Baby, what do you have?"

He smiled and shook his head, "Itís mine. For later."

AJ walked up behind him and ripped the box out of his arms, "Chocolate chip brownies. Dude, you can have those." He gave Kevin the box back.

"Sheíll steal Ďem." He pointed at me and smiled.

"Nope, Iíll just make you some promises that will make you beg to give them to me."

Nick grabbed me and put me in a chair, "Stop yourselves. Eat or go fuck, but stop trying to combine the too. Breakfast IS not going to be foreplay, you freaks." He ended by giving Lee a kiss that we all stood and applauded.

I looked at him, "What was that about breakfast not being foreplay?"

Lee licked her lips, "Iíd call that foreplay."

It didnít take long for the food to be gone. We put in my favorite episode of South Park, "Cartman gets an anal probe" and laughed myself hysterical. They all made fun of me, but damn this was good sober. Stoned made it lethal. Kevin and I sat on the floor, I would wind up leaning over into his lap convulsing with laughter and crying. Lee and Nick were on the couch with Nickís head in her lap. AJ was stretched out across the chair, and Howie laid in the floor. Occasional weíd kiss. After one particularly long and luscious kiss Kevin looked at AJ and Howie, "Yaíll need dates." I canít explain it, but that struck me as funny. Maybe the tone. Lee was right with me. Kevin looked at us, "It wasnít that funny. Yaíll are fucked up."

Nick looked at him, ĎYou need speech, dude. When you get fucked up you start talking like some damn hillbilly."

I corrected him, "Redneck. Hillbilly would be from Tennessee. Kevin is a fine Kentucky redneck."

He beat his chest, "Damn straight."

Lee laughed, "He thinks thatís a compliment."

I hugged him, "Youíre a hot redneck though."

"Aww, thank you, baby." He hugged me, "Put me to bed, please."

"Yes, sir. Good night all."

AJ waved, "Need any help?"

Kevin looked at him, "I can walk." About that time he tripped, "Ok, I can mostly walk. Thereís a significant difference between being able to walk and being able to mostly walk." He rambled on about this all the way up the stairs. I pushed him in the direction of the bed and he struggled is way under the covers.

"You ok?"

He pulled off his shirt, "Iím pissed at my cousin. Stupid little jackass. Trust is the most important thing between friends and he just blew it. I never expected any of us would ever do something like this. Mostly not Brian. Brother Brian. Trust is gone. Itís gonna take awhile to fix, if it can be fixed. Gotta trust your friends." He kept mumbling about trust as I climbed into bed beside him. He curled his body around mine with his head on my shoulder, "Yeah, gotta trust your friends. You should be able to trust them. And lovers. Gotta trust that. Sure as shit should be able to trust a wife. Ha, I fucking know that one is bullshit."

"Yes, you gotta be able to trust the important people in your life." I thought this might bring up some things.

"I trust you, Tracie. You wouldnít lie to me."

"No, Kevin I wonít." I kissed his head.

He never looked up as he sleepily spoke the next words, "You wouldnít kill my baby would you?"

I answered quickly, "No Kevin, I would never kill your baby."

"I didnít think so."

I didnít hear another word from him. I laid there holding him and I cried.


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