I feel like shit. I didnít mean to smack Bri around like that. I guess I was a little angrier than I thought. After Kevin and Tracie went to bed the rest of us just kind of passed out where ever we were sitting. I woke up when I heard the front door close. Kevin leaving. I woke up Lee and we left too. We drove back to her place in silence. I collapsed on the couch and she brought us back some coffee, "Better to talk about this now."

I smiled at her, "I loved you pushing her in the pool."

We both laughed, "Tracie was doing all the talking, I did the action. What happened with Brian?"

I told her about him saying it meant nothing and saw her wince, "See, thatís what set me off. I could deal much better with him risking our friendship for something, but not over a fuck. I unloaded on him. I donít know if I hurt him not. I whaled on him."

She mumbled, "He deserved it" before drinking her coffee.

"Yeah, I guess he did."

We talked through what all this meant. I know that he and I will have to move past this for the group. We will. I will. I guess Pam has already done enough damage. Iím not willing to let her ruin my career. She didnít fuck that good. I donít know what will happen with our friendship. I love the asshole.

Lee and I went to bed and slept a few more hours. After making love, of course. That was beautiful and took my mind away from the ugly. Iím a lucky guy.


I feel like shit. Nick had every right in the world to knock me senseless. Thinking about it now, what I did makes no sense. To think that me fucking her would somehow help them. Where was my mind? I got home and checked the mirror. Cut lip, swollen eye, and a terrible headache. I had just sat down with a ice bag on my eye when the doorbell rang. Pam.

I let her in, "This is a bad bad idea."

"Oh Jesus, Brian. Are you ok? Let me help you."

I pushed away from her, "Youíve helped enough, thanks. Iíve helped enough. You need to go away. Far away."

"I thought you were going to help me get Nick back, help make him see?" She wiped away a tear.

Has she always been this manipulative? "That was before I heard what you did to the house, to the dogs. And before Nick found out about us. He hates me."

"He doesnít hate you, heís just mad."

"I hope so, but Pam he hates you. Heís not gonna get over that. The others arenít gonna let him, hell, I wonít let him. I tried to see your side, I took up for you against the others. I thought with enough time . . . but too much is being destroyed. Nick is ate up with feeling like itís his fault, and now our friendship is trashed. All over you. That makes you no good for any of us. Not me. And definitely not Nick. Youíre on your own. Bye." I walked back to the door and opened it.

"You canít just kick me out. I have no place to go."

"Thatís what happens when you lie and cheat and burn your bridges. Good-bye." She walked out the door and I closed it.

Now to figure out how to make it right with Nick.


I called my lawyer that afternoon. Told him what I wanted. He said heíd take care of it. I curled up with Lee, "I want to take you out tonight."

"Are you asking me out?"

"Yeah, our first date."

She lifted the sheet and looked at our bodies, naked, "I think we skipped a step somewhere."


A few hours later she came downstairs looking great. Pretty sundress and sandals. I smiled, "Screw dinner you look good enough to eat."

She pinched my ass as she walked past, "Iím dessert. If youíre a good boy."

"Iíll be a very good boy."


That was a lie. I donít know of anything that boy could to that would keep him from getting laid tonight. It was pretty cute watching him put out the effort though. He was the perfect gentleman. Except for the times I could see him get that naughty look in his eyes then that half smile. I wonder if he even realizes what that does to me, and half the female population of the world, when he does that. I swear that has to be the sexiest damn look Iíve ever seen. When he combines it with the run the fingers through the hair ~ done for, "We need to get out of here."

He looked shocked, "Is something wrong?"
"Yes, very wrong. Take me home. NOW." I raised my hand to shut him up everytime he tried to speak on the way home. Thankfully it was a short drive. I stormed into the house before him.

"Lee, what did I do?"

Uh, oh. Thatís Pam baggage if I ever heard it. He missed the fun, and went straight to guilt. Heís going to have to learn not to do that. I turned on him quickly and backed him against the wall, "If you did something I would tell you." I put my hands on either side of him, inside his arms, "Whatís wrong is that you keep looking at me with that little smile of yours. Running your fingers through your hair. Driving me crazy. I want you." He was speechless. "I wanted to be home where I could have you." I lifted his shirt off and started to work on his shorts. As I let them fall to his ankles I pressed my body against him and ran my fingers into his hair. "I want you, Nick." I pulled him down to me and kissed him. Immediately biting at those lips and pulling at him. He responded by searching my mouth with his tongue. I moaned as he sucked my tongue and his hands went to my breasts.


I was a little lost, but then this got good. I donít have tons of sexual experience. Pam and some groupies. Iíve always been the aggressor. I could learn to like this . . . a lot. I grabbed her breasts and rubbed over her nipples to get them standing up for me. She had moved her hands down my body and gripped my cock. She wasnít moving yet, just holding me. Tight. Her other hand was on my chest. Kinda doing the same thing I was doing to her. "How the fuck do I get you out of the dress?" She backed up and slipped the straps off her shoulders and it fell to the ground. I covered my face with my hand, "I think I made that much harder than it was."

She was on me quick, "That! That embarassed kid thing. God, that makes me hot." She led my hand between her legs, into her panties, "Feel how hot, Nick." I was stunned into silence again as I slid a finger inside her. She was hot and wet. She grabbed my cock again, "Can I make this any harder?"

"I donít think it getís any harder than it is."

She pulled a condom out of her purse and put it on me. "Then fuck me with it."

I wasnít stunned immobile this time. I knew where to go from here. I picked her up and turned around, pinning her against the wall. I grabbed my cock and ran it down her stomach toward home, "This what you want, baby?"

She dug her nails into my shoulder, "Yes." She kissed me with what I can only call wild abandon. I bent my knees and shoved myself inside her. She threw her head back against the wall, "Oh god, Nick, yes!"

I grabbed her hands and pinned them to the wall above her head and kept right on slamming into her. I was speechless again. It felt so good and I was having to concentrate not to cum. She said something about harder, wanting it harder. Oh, yeah, baby! I fucked her harder. "Lee, canít last much longer, gotta cum. Gotta cum hard! Gotta cum bad, real bad."

She stuggled just enough against me to make me hold her down, "No Nick, gotta cum good. Cum for me, Nick. I love how you fuck."

That was the end of that. My whole body slammed into her and I let loose a loud cry, "Oh fuck, Lee, fuck, fuck, fuck. So good, fuck." I let her hands go so I could wrap my arms around her and kiss her. She grabbed my ass and held me to her as I slid from inside her. I buried my face in her neck, trying to get my breathing back to normal.

"I love how you talk."

I smiled as I inhaled the smell of sex around us, "I love . . . you."


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