I should get laid in this chapter, donít ya think? Or at least talk a little.

Over the next few days Brian came to Howie and me. Apologizing and explaining things. He didnít make excuses. Good thing, no excuse for that. Iím pretty confident that any woman who found me attractive, both personality and physically, would not be into Brother Brian. For one, I would NEVER fuck a friendís girl. Never imagined he would either. Floors me. Glad he and Nick worked it out. More or less.

We stayed away from each other until we met up to get on the plane.


"Are you sure you canít come. This will be fun. I love LA. Wasnít that a song? I think it was."

Lee rolled her eyes, "Youíre a little hyper, Nick. No, baby, I canít go. I wish I could, but Iíve got a benefit coming up."

"Did you learn that eye rolling thing from Kevin? Ok, Iíll survive. Iíll be back in two weeks. Youíll just miss me and realize how much you love me." I batted my eyes at her. It worked she laughed then kissed me.

"Youíre a nut, Nick. But youíre my nut and I love you."

"I love you too. We can stay in bed a few more hours. Plane doesnít leave till one."


"Oh, god, please donít stop!" Kevinís fingers were deep inside me and his tongue flicked over my clit. He had slowed down to a maddening pace. Prolonging how good this felt. His free hand ran up my thigh and I intertwined my fingers with his. My toes were curled so hard it hurt. I looked down to see him. His long hair was covering much of his eyes and he was focused on what he was doing. I couldnít tell if his eyes were open or closed. "Kevlyn, look at me." He leaned his face up just enough that I could see his eyes, and the slightest smile. Lethal combination. He picked up the pace again and kept looking in my eyes. It didnít take long for that feeling to start and I sunk into the bed. He knows my reactions well, and sucked my clit between his lips. The combination of that suction and his tongue is the most heavenly thing. Heíd been stringing me along for quite some time and I couldnít stop the scream as I finally orgasmed. Then complete collapse.

I felt him kissing his way up my body. I wrapped my arms around him as he nuzzled into my neck. He whispered in that deep voice, "Think youíll remember me while Iím gone?" I purred in his ear. He perked up, "I heard it. You purred. I get to call you kitten."

"It hasnít stopped you so far." I pushed him over and climbed on top of him so I could hear his heart beating. I like that.

"Yeah, but youíve never purred before. A little bit of tongue action will get me some purring? Iím all for that."

I scooted up and kissed him, "Nothing little about that tongue." I sucked on it to prove my point. Got a sweet moan from my lover. "I love that tongue action."

"I would have never known." We held each other for a little bit. "You ok, this leaving thing?"

"Why wouldnít I be? Youíve gone away before." I rolled off him and traced patterns on his chest.

"Not like this, not with an Ďusí." He played in my hair.

I sighed and smiled, "Yeah, Iím gonna miss you. A little more this time. More to miss." I kissed his chest.

"Me too . . . kitten."

I groaned, "Iím even gonna miss you calling me kitten."

I looked up to see him smirk, "I knew it would grow on you. So . . . while Iím away does the kitten play?"

I should have anticipated this conversation. The rules for time apart. Heíd neglected to do this with Jessica and got his ass in hot water. At least he was learning. But Iím not Jessica. "Is this really about me playing . . . or you?"

"Both. What do you want?"

Oh yeah, thatís how this works. Iím supposed to tell him what I want him to do. He should know better. Time for a reminder. "Kevin, I love you. I want you. I know what that means to me and I will behave accordingly."

He looked at me a little confused, "What do you mean?"

"I will not tell you that you canít go out and fuck groupies. If you feel thatís what you need to do, you go for it. You ask what I want? I want you to be happy. If going out and getting blown in a menís room makes you happy then thatís what I want for you do. I wonít make that decision for you."

He ran his fingers across my cheek, "Tracie, you make me happy. Being with you."

"You make me happy too."

"What happens if I do go out and fuck around in LA?"

I was thinking that Iíd cut off his dick. "Nope, wonít answer that one. Like I said I know what this means to me, you have to decide what it all means to you and how you want it to be. I wonít dictate that for you. Your decsion."


What the fuck? Why wonít she just tell me what she wants? "Tracie?"

She cut me off, "I donít want you making a decision for your life based on what I want you do. I want you make that decsion based on what you want. With me as a consideration."

I get it now. Damn, woman. I swear, she has always made me think and be responsible for myself. "I will never risk losing you, Tracie. Youíre more important than anything. Weíre more important." The second I closed my mouth I fully understood. If I was stop fucking around I would be giving up a part of my life. I needed to do that willingly, not because someone asked me to. I think that because she wouldnít ask that of me is the reason itís not a sacrifice. Not that I begrudged Jessica when she asked me to be faithful, but this did feel very different. I liked this feeling. She would never put chains on me, but I would never go far away because of it. Never betray the trust we had to take care of us.

I kissed her. Long and passionate. I rolled over on top of her and wiggled my knees between hers. I sucked and kissed from her lips over to her ear as I moved my hips against her, "Can I make love to you?"

"So I wonít forget you?"


She kissed me, "Yes."


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