After several wonderful kisses I, as usual, needed to check, "I can tell youíre not mad. I didnít want to discuss it, I just wanted to do it. I hoped that you would be happy. I mean youíve been living here pretty much."

"I am happy. I wondered if youíd noticed I hadnít left." She laughed.

I kissed her neck, "I noticed. I canít figure out where youíve hidden your stuff though."

"My room." I looked at her funny. "You know, the one that I always slept in before I slept in your room."

"I didnít even think to look there. I looked in my room."

She kissed my cheek, "You did good, Kevlyn." I stood up and started for the stairs. "Where are we going?"

"To turn my room, into our room."


Lee and I moved into the house and got settled in. I was goofy. I knew it. I followed her around like a puppy. I was waiting for her to give me something to do. Ask for anything. Every so often sheíd throw me a bone and Iíd get to wait on her. Not nearly enough, but it was a start. The guys loved making fun of me. If I wasnít with her I was calling ever hour or so to check on her. Once I couldnít get a hold of her by phone, and sent Tracie to go check on her. This is my first kid they need to indulge me.

So much has changed for me in the last month. Leaving Pam was the smartest move Iíve ever made. The guys have been great about not giving me shit. I know itís pathetic to have to have someone new to break up, but I need someone in my life. I didnít plan on having sex the first night out, but it happened that way. Itís all worked out good. Iím happier than ever.

"Lee, oh Lee, honey are you home?"

"Iím here. Dammit, Nick, you are such a fucking slob sometimes. Canít you pick up your dirty clothes? Iím not your mother. I donít need two fucking kids to deal with."

"What did I do?"

"Exactly. What did you did?"

I turned and walked right back out of the house. I was running really late today. Because she had woken me up and fucked me silly. Then she fucking blasts me.


"Why hello, Nick. Whatís up?" He looked mad.

"Fight with Lee. I need to chill."

I laughed, "First fight?"

He dropped on the couch, "Yes. I hate fighting. Itís so pointless. Nothing ever gets solved."

Kevin handed him a beer, "No, with Pam nothing ever got solved. Fighting is a good thing. Holding it in is a bad thing."

"Right, like you two fight."

Kevin and I both started laughing and Kevin smacked the back of his head, "Nick, youíve seen us fight. We yell and back each other down."

I let that sink in a little, "You walked out without fighting back didnít you?"

He didnít say anything. Kevin winced, "Bad, Nick. Dude, you have to stand up to her. Fight it out."

I added, "Sheís not Pam. She wonít whine and play unfair."

Nick glared over, "Itís not a game, Tracie."

We both laughed again, "Yes, it is. Itís a big game. Remember that and itíll be much more fun. Fighting is what you do to get to make up sex."

"Donít be assholes."

I sat down beside him, "Nick, Lee is not Pam. Lee will not throw out that you donít love her, or are cheating. You have to fight it out to learn about each other and get it out. You know this."

"Youíre right. Lee isnít Pam."

"You need to go home. Work it out. Running away isnít the right answer here."

Nick drained the rest of his beer and headed toward the day, "Sheís gonna thump me for this isnít she?"

I laughed, "Probably. Sheís pregnant. Hormones. And you ran away like a twelve year old. She doesnít need two kids."

"Did you talk to her? Thatís what she said."

Kevin laughed and kissed me, "Na, itís a woman thing. All us men act like children. We do it so they baby us."

I pinched him, "Pig."




Nick gave me a quick hug, "I need to leave now. Before the make up sex begins."

A few minutes later the phone rang, "Is he over there?"

I laughed, "No, we just sent him home."

"Running away is not going to work."

"I know."

"Well, he needs to figure it the fuck out." She hung up.

I looked at Kevin, "Sheís still pissed."

"Good. He needs to fight it out. He has some unlearning to do. Not that I can talk."


I was still fuming when he walked in, "Bout damn time."

"I know. I shouldnít have walked out. Iím sorry."

"Iím not Pam."

"I know. I fucked up."

"Youíre damn right you did!"

"Ok! I fucked up. Iím trying. I came back. I was gone half an hour. Back the fuck off. Iím sorry. Iím back. Iím trying here!"

I almost smiled. He was fighting back. "Fine." I turned to walk off.

He grabbed my arm, "Donít you walk off now. About the clothes. I was late this morning, because we were fucking and I left them there. Iím sorry. Iím not perfect. Itís gonna happen. AND I am not a child." Oops, Iíd forgotten about the wake up call Iíd given him. This was all my fault. "Lee? Baby, why are you crying?"

"Because . . . because . . . I forgot about that. I . . . I . . . just freaked out."

He walked over and held me in his arms, I could feel him almost laugh, "Honey, itís ok. I love you."

"Donít say . . . donít say . . . that."

"I do love you."

"I know you do. God damn pregnancy hormones. I want to kill you for getting me pregnant." I was really crying now.

"You were there too. I remember you there. You were clawing at me screaming ĎOh god, Nick, oh yeah, oh god, do me baby, do me goodí."

I was laughing now, "I never said Ďdo me babyí."

"You didnít? Ok, maybe you werenít there. I should go find out who that was. That was some great sex."

He started to move away and I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him back, "I can do better than great." I put my hand on his cock and started to massage him.

"That fast? Damn pregnancy hormones."



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