I was up before Tracie. I hid in the studio again. About seven there was a knock on the door. I knew it was Tracie. I opened the door for her, "I thought you might be hungry."

"Thank you. I guess I am." I sat the plate off to the side and hugged her, "I love you."

She kissed my cheek, "I love you too."

"Have a good day at work."

"Not working today. Iíll be laying on the couch reading."

She walked off before I could say anything. No guilt at all. She is amazing. I need her to be around, but not near me. Not right now. Not yet. Sheís a good woman.

I heard the doorbell around one. Guess theyíre here. Tracie will sign for them.

I came out a little after three. The envelope was on the kitchen table. I tore it open and looked through the papers. Same ones Iíd signed months ago, judge signed yesterday. I took a deep breath. Itís over. I went looking for Tracie. Found her asleep on the couch with her book on her chest. Moved that. I sat down on the floor and watched her sleep. She stretched and opened her eyes, "Hi."

I smiled, "Hi."

I felt her fingers in my hair, "How are you doing?"

I put my arm across her stomach, "Iím free." She didnít say anything. I guess she was waiting to see how I was going to go, "Thank you for signing for them, thank you for letting me deal with this on my own, and thank you for being here." I leaned in and kissed her.

"You know Iíd do whatever you need."

"I know. I needed this to be over."

She kissed me this time, "It doesnít matter how bad you want it. It still hurts."

"Yeah, it does." I pulled her to me and held on. This is what I needed now, "How would you like to go out to dinner with single man?"

"Iíd like that."

The next day all the guys met up at the studio. Nick cornered me at one point, "You ok, Lee told me the papers are final."

I thought for a minute and smiled, "Iím very ok."

"Good, I also hear that your girlfriend decked your ex-wife. How is her hand?"

"Healing. It freaked her out. Iím going to kidnap her and take her to the cabin. Iím going to ask her to marry me."

Nick spit his coke out on me, "Holy shit, Kevin. Jumping right back in there."

"Yeah, for the right reasons this time." I wiped off my arm, "Youíre girlfriend is pregnant, you going to make an honest woman of her."

"I asked. She turned me down."

"Ouch, Iím sorry."

"Said she wonít get married just because sheís pregnant. Sheís right. I did it badly."

"When did this happen?"

"The night I found out she was pregnant. Iíll try later. Iím not going anywhere. I hope that Tracie doesnít shoot you down."

"My plan is to lock the door, hide the keys. There is no way down the mountain except to walk the 7 miles if I have the keys. Iím keeping her there until she agrees."

Nick laughed, "Or kills you."

"Iíll hide all the knives."

We left Friday morning.


I told Lee once they were gone. I didnít want any girl shit to go on. She smacked me for that one. She agreed with locking her in the room and not coming out till she agreed, or one of them was dead. We were going to a wedding this weekend. One of the assistants that work with her. We got dressed up and she looked beautiful. She thought she was getting fat. She was. But it wasnít fat, it was baby. Therefore she looked beautiful. We sat in the back and watched the ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding. As soon as they were pronounced man and wife I felt tears run down my check. I had my arm around Lee and I kissed her. She saw the tears, "Nick, sweetie, whatís wrong?"

I shook my head, "Nothingís wrong. I canít wait until itís us up there."

I watched her face soften and her smile, "Yes, Nick."

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Iíll marry you."



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