“Uh, but we wanna go.”  I was using my best whiney voice.

            “Please???”,  I knew Lee was right with me.

            Nick was confused.  Kevin was exasperated, “It’s a pick up softball game.”  His voice was flat.

            “Is there a reason we can’t come?  Is it BSB against the Hooter’s waitresses, or Gold Circle strippers?  Is this strip softball?”  I added a pout.

            “I’m definitely going if it’s strip softball.”  Lee laughed.

            “I don’t get why you wanna go.  We don’t even want to go.  It’s hot.  It’s humid.  We’re gonna sweat our balls off, and stink.”  Leave it to Nick.  The idea of them dripping sweat and breathing heavy was just what we wanted to see.  Maybe some skin.

            Lee played her trump card, “Nick, you’re the father of my baby.  You could get heat stroke or something.  I want to be there to make sure you drink enough, and keep cool.  I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you.”  She sniffed for good measure.  “We’ll sit on the other side, you won’t even know we’re there.”  I was impressed. 

            Nick wrapped her in his arms, “Aw, baby, I’ll be fine.  Of course you can go.” 

            They headed for the truck and Kevin put his arm around me, “I can’t believe he bought that.  What’s your reason?”

            Directness has done us well, “I like you hot and sweaty.  Doing manly things.”

            He rolled his eyes, “Want me chop down a tree or something while naked?”

            I smiled at the thought, “I envision jean cut offs.”

            “You’re definitely sitting on the other side.  Do not distract me.”

            Yeah, right.  Did I just hear him issue a challenge?  “I thought it was just a “pick up” game?”  It was the guys, bodyguards, and long time crew against some local recreation team.

            “Doesn’t matter.  I don’t like to lose.”



            It wasn’t no girlfriends allowed.  It was “male bonding”.  The rec league had females present.  We had rented out a field and locked it down.  No crowds please.  Tracie and Lee started walking away, “Hey, where are you going?”

            Tracie smiled, “Over there.  We said we’d stay away.”

            AJ rolled his eyes, “You don’t have to do that.”

            I gave him a look, “Yes, they do.”  I wasn’t especially happy about them being here.  I wasn’t the distraction thing as much as needing some guy time.  Usually they read when that needs to happen and let us alone.  Tracie was a damned expert at reading me.  Off today.  She took off for the bleachers on the other side.  They grabbed bottles of water first.  I watched her walk away.  I liked to watch her walk.  Especially away from me.  She never looked back.  They sat down and started talking to each other and then to some people around them.  She never looked at me.  Paid no attention to me.  I don’t think I like this.



            “You think?”

            “I know.”

            We had been watching them.  It looked like we were making friends and talking.  We were doing that too, but that was just a cover to watch them without them knowing.  Men can be so naïve. 

            Kevin took over clapping his hands, “Ok guys, let’s get out on the field and stretch out.  No pulled muscles.”

            I looked at Tracie, “Control much.”

            “I let him think so.”  We both were laughing. 

            Kevin was stretching out his hamstring, one leg bent the other stretching out.  Leaning over, butt to us.  “Oh that’s good.  He’s got nice  . . . legs.”

            Tracie laughed, “Oh yeah.”  About then Nick started stretching out his shoulders.  He clasped his hands behind his back, pulled them up and leaned over.  Butt to us.  Tracie let out a sigh, “Sorry, appreciating the view of Nick’s ass.”

            “S’alright.  It’s a good ass.”

            “It’s a very good ass.  Kevin’s ass is flatter.  Equally as good, just different.  I like a good bubble butt.”

            “Me too.  Good for grabbing onto during sex.”

            Tracie threw he hand over her heart, “Lee!  You’re having sex.  Oh no, oh no.  I am so disappointed.  Before marriage.”  She dropped her head into her hands.

            I laughed, “Yeah, you got room to talk.”

            “I’m not pregnant.”

            “Good point.” 

            Kevin was clapping his hands again, “Hey, everybody, come on, let’s get going.”



            I bet money they are laughing at Kevin.  Nothing like a little “non-competitive” game to get Kevin kicked into instant asshole mode.  I like Lee on the other side.  I can look at her from the bench.  Wish I’d thought to bring binoculars.  We were first at bat and I sat next to Kevin, “Are you watching?”


            “Why not?”  He’s crazy.

            “I’m concentrating on the game.”

            “You can the girls perfectly from here.”

            “Nick, mind on the game.  Not your dick.”

            How can I be expected to do that?  Lee is over there in shorts and tiny t-shirt.  She’s just starting to get a tummy bulge.  My baby.


            Third inning.  No score.  It’s hot.  Lee is fanning herself.  Tracie has just pulled her hair up and it holding it on top of her head with her hand.  Guess who’s mind is now on his dick?




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