"Damn, it’s hot." I pulled my hair up and held it as I fanned the back of my neck.

Lee was fanning too, "They need to be taking off some clothes."

"You need to tell me where Nick got those baseball pants. Kevin needs a pair." I couldn’t help but be drawn to the laces on the front of Nick’s pants. They gripped his lower body like a glove. He wore an over sized sleeveless black t-shirt that gapped around his arms. He has an annoying habit of holding his arms in the air and you can see in the armholes.

"Nick has on a tank top under that. The shirt needs to come off. I love the laces on those pants." She popped an ice cube in her mouth and sucked. I noticed Nick notice.

"He is watching. He sees what you just did."

"Kevin has been watching since you pulled your hair up."

I took an ice cube and ran it along the back of my neck, "That feels good."

"You are a bitch." We were laughing as Kevin shifted uncomfortably. He had gone for the baggy look. Baggy black knit shorts, and a huge UK basketball jersey, tank style. He had his now long hair in a ponytail. The bandana on his head needed to go. He’s nearly 30 not 13. I’d take care of that. He bat’s right, so he faced us at bat. The concentration on his face was sexy as hell. He can focus and hone in on his target. I had watched this through all his bats. He got some good hits and I had to remember that I wasn’t there. Wanted to jump and cheer. Nick looked damn sexy at bat too. He bent over a little more and the look on his face was killer, "Damn him!"

Lee stretched her legs down the bleachers. "Strike one!" Ooops, Nick was distracted. Meanwhile, Kevin was leading off a little far and got tagged out. Seems he was looking at me and the ice cube.

When "our" side was at bat we cheered and whistled.


I was playing first base, and Nick was at short-stop. I walked over to Nick between batters, "What the hell are they doing?"

"Cheering for the other team. You said they had to go over there. Idiot." He walked away.

I kept an eye on her. She really should stop piling her hair on her head like that. That little tank top she has on leaves nothing for my imagination. Her arm up, holding her hair just screams, "look at my breasts". So I do. I swear I think she smiled at me as she walked off in the direction of the bathroom. That’s ok, I get to watch her walk away. When she came back she stopped behind the bench and talked to the other team. Lee joined her. They’re getting a lot of attention.

Nick walked over and shoved me, "See what you went and did! Paybacks are hell, idiot."

"That’s twice you’ve called me and idiot, can you stop now?"

Our turn at bat. AJ walked up, "Which one of you idiots told your fiancées to sit on the other side?" Nick stuck his finger in my face. AJ laughed, "They’re snaking you."

Two can play this game. Or four.

I grabbed two big bottles of water and walked over to Nick.


"Bastards." Nick and Kevin stood there talking to each other and drinking water. Nick bent his head forward and poured the water over the back of his head and neck. I dug my nails into Tracie’s arm. Had I turned my eyes off the boys I would have seen Tracie biting into her lip as Kevin pulled the bandana and ponytail holder out of his hair and lay his head back. He poured the water over his face and ran his hand through his hair. Nick dropped the bottle and used both hands to shake the water from his hair then slick it back. Kevin untied his bandana and used it to wipe down his face, then his biceps. I heard Tracie sigh and looked at her, "Now what do we do?"

"Nothing. What we’re doing is working." Kevin handed the bandana to the bat boy and sent him over to us. Tracie took it and tied it in her hair. She smiled and waved as she sat back down on the bleachers and started digging through her purse.

I sat beside her and she handed me a lollipop. I laughed, "You came prepared."

"Na, Kevin loves these so I keep a few handy."

"For him or you?"

Evil grin, "Both."

Kevin hit a home run this inning. I figure he’s taking out his frustration on that poor defenseless ball. After he ran the bases he took of the jersey revealing a white tank. It was Tracie’s turn, "Bastard."


"What the fuck are you doing?" Kevin was pulling at my shirt.

"Take that off."

"I didn’t know you cared." I batted my eyelashes.

"Do you want to win this game or not." He glanced over to Tracie and Lee. Again they’re at the fence flirting. Sucking on lollipops.

I shook my head, "You sending over your sweat rag has backfired on your ass. Idiot. All women always win this game. Our dicks get hard and we lose any advantage we may have had. The only thing left is to go animal and carry them off. Now if you would please stop fucking with her we can finish the game without getting too embarrassed. Maybe you want to bat with your cock, but I don’t. Stop it!"

Kevin went back to first base and behaved himself. Three outs later he walked behind the opposing team’s bench and took Tracie and Lee by the hand, "Come with me, ladies." He walked them over to our side and sat them on the bench. He put Tracie’s hand on his crotch as he leaned to kiss her, "I’m sorry. You win. We’ll continue this later."

I dropped to my knees, put my hands together and looked up to God, "Thank you."




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