It was much better with them on our side and cheering for us. They did this cute little dance when one of us hit, or came home. Theyíd jump up and cheer, then turn around and shake their butts. It was much better to sit on the bench than to be the one being cheered for. Closer view and all. We won. Kevin was happy. Sometimes it is all about keeping him happy.

I walked over and hugged Lee. It is impossible for me to hug her without then putting my hand on her belly. Itís like I tell her "hi" then our baby. She usually puts her hand over mine and kisses my cheek. Iím ready to do this. Be a husband and a daddy. AJ wanted to go out and celebrate. I didnít. I gave Lee a look and she shook her head, "Sorry, AJ, Iím tired. The heat and this baby has done me in."

AJ kissed her cheek, "Iíll run you a tab for parties you back out of. Take her home, Nick."

I apologized and put my arm around her to go. Once out of ear shot I smiled, "Thank you. We need to be alone." I kept her hand in mine as we drove home, "I loved watching you today."

"Didnít drive you mad?"

"Nope, sorry. Kevin acting like an idiot was distracting. I did notice the ice. What you and what Tracie did. Wanna try that at home?"

"Boy, itís hot. Get home and ice me down."

I hope the strings holding my pants together are strong. Nick Jr. is restless and wants to play. I pulled in the garage and jumped out, "Go upstairs and get naked. Iíll get the ice." We have a machine that makes those half oval things. I was planning as I headed upstairs.

Lee was already in bed under the sheet when I came through the bedroom door. I smiled and ripped the sheet off. She didnít move to cover herself. I took off my shirt and threw it in the corner. Thatís when Lee sat up and began to unlace my pants. She couldnít just loosen the laces, oh no, she had to pull the string through each and every hole. Her finger would brush against me then Iíd feel that string sliding against me. A tickling friction that moved along me. I was moaning. She pushed them over my ass and I kicked them off. She ran her finger along my cock and kissed the tip on me. I swear I felt her tongue teasing me. Barely. I laid her back on the bed and took a drink of the ice water before climbing over her. I went straight for her breasts. I had that piece of ice in my mouth. I let it touch her skin as my mouth came closer to her. My tongue then lips with contact her as I slid the ice back inside my mouth and moved to the next spot. I rolled the ice around her nipples, holding it between my teeth.

"Nick, oh dear god." Her hands were in my hair. Donít know why. Not going anywhere.

I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked her. She has great nipples. The tighten up and I love to play with them. The ice in my mouth went everywhere. I sucked like I wanted to draw life from her. I did draw my life from her. She got so tight with that ice. I moved to the other and pinched and pulled the other. I could feel her wiggling and squirming underneath me. Her hips moving all around. "Hang on, baby. I promise Iíll make it down there." I did too. I left little ice kisses over our baby, in her belly button, then spread her legs to me. My finger ran from our bed straight up to her clit. She shuddered, and I liked that. I pushed on that little spot then used my thumbs to completely open her to me. So pink, and I could see she was wet. I was about to add to that. I brought my mouth to her and held the ice between my teeth. I touched it to her clit and she sank further into the bed with my name leaving her throat. I did that a few times then slid the ice into my cheek and tongued her. I love to get her squirming around on the bed. I got an idea, and the ice was distracting me. I slid down and tongue fucked her. She gasped and I figured that was because my mouth was so cold. I moved the ice and used my tongue to slide it into her then used my finger to keep it there and to pump inside her as I went back to work on making her cum for me. She pulled her knees up and raised her ass so she could work herself into my face. I loved that. I had to work at keeping up with her and it didnít take long for her tighten around my fingers and scream out for me. I pulled my fingers from her and saw a tiny piece of ice fall to the bed.

I wanted to be in there. I moved up her body and slid my really really hard cock inside her, "Woo, thatís cold."

Lee wrapped her legs around me, kissed me for the first time then held my face in her hands, "Warm us up, Nick."

"Love too." I began to thrust inside her. Cold and slippery. Good for a change, but I think I like warm and slippery better. It didnít take too long before I was back into warm and slippery. God, what that woman does for me. I rolled us over so I could watch her ride me. I wanted to suck on her again. She settled in and took over the rhythm as my arms wrapped around her and my hands massaged her back before settling on her ass. I sat up and sucked her. Something about feeling her nipple harden in my mouth really gets me off. I sucked her deep as I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming. I moaned around her and bit down as I came, both of us screamed then fell on the bed.

I kept her close to me as I recovered. I grabbed her ass and she looked up, "Yes, dear?"

"Marry me."

She screwed up her face, "I already said yes to this."

"I mean now."


"Next weekend."

She sat up, "Can we do that?"

I laughed, "Iíd say thatís up to us. I can do it."

Her face softened into the sweetest smile, "I can do that."

"Just us, the family. On the beach."

"I can do that. I love you, Nick."

"Baby, I love you." She kissed me and we held onto each other.



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