We were going to the party. I held her hand as we walked to the car, "What were you doing today?"

She didnít break stride, "I believe I was being a tease."

Snooty voice. Umm? "I believe the correct term is prick tease."

"I did nothing to your prick. You put my hand on your prick."

"Oh my love, you did a lot to my prick."

She reached over and barely brushed against my prick, "I could do a lot to your prick." I screeched the tires as I made a U-turn, "Fuck Kevin, what are you doing?"

"Our house is this way."

"What about AJís party?"

"Not going. Going home . . . my little prick tease."

"Trust me, your prick is not little."

I smiled and reached over between her legs. I rubbed her and she spread her legs for me, stretched out and laid back. All the invitation I needed. I slid my hand into the waist band of her shorts, into her panties, then . . . into her. Just one finger. "I see, well feel, that your teasing effected you."

"No. You effected me. That whole water thing was not nice."

I pulled my finger out of her and began to slowly massage her clit, "Ah, so I do have an effect on you. Donít answer, just enjoy the effect Iím gonna be having on you for the next five or so minutes."

She did moan, "Oh baby, itís not gonna take that long."

Itís pretty damned amazing I didnít wreck the car. Tracie had a death grip on the door handle, and her other hand fisted in my hair (which I liked a little too much). I kept going from watching the road, to watching her face. I didnít want this over too fast, so Iíd move from her clit to feeling inside her. Kept her squirming all the way home. I donít think she even noticed when I pulled into the garage. Thatís when I went back to pure focus on her clit. Iím selfish. If I create it, I wanna watch it. I moved over and kissed her, "Baby, where home. Cum for me. Loud."

I learned a long time ago that if you tell Tracie to do something sheís gonna do just the opposite. She hates to be told, sort of like . . . me. This is the area where that rule does not apply. For either of us really. We give it up during sex. I stayed close to her ear, "God, Tracie, I can smell you. Do you know what thatís doing to me?" My other hand checked myself out. Hard. No surprise.

"Donít stop."

"Not a chance." Her hand reached over and grabbed my cock. She didnít move, just held onto me. She was going over. Her breathing got intense and she got loud for me. Screaming my name and squeezing the fuck out of my cock. Felt good. I kissed her as I pulled my hand out of her pants. "Letís take this upstairs." I kept eye contact with her as I licked the taste of her off my fingers, "I love the taste of you."

"Upstairs . . . Kevlyn." She was out of the car and in front of me, "I feel a little weak."

"I wanna make you feel a lot weak."

She stopped and turned on me. Quickly her tongue was in my mouth and she was feeling me up again, "I donít want to make love. I want to fuck."

I felt dizzy, all the blood left my brain, "Alright."

"Think you can do that? Fuck me?"

"I want to fuck you. Everywhere."

We headed up the stairs. She walked backwards and kept her hand rubbing me, "Geographically or physically?"


We made it into our bedroom and she pulled my shirt off me, "You can have me. Anyway you want me." She dropped to the floor taking my shorts and underwear with her. Seconds later her sweet mouth was wrapped around me. I watched as she sucked me. Love to watch my cock disappear into her mouth.

"Tracie, baby, I love you. I need to be inside you. Gotta fuck." She pulled away from me and I heard myself groan at the loss. I pulled off her shirt as she dropped her shorts. I pulled her against me and sucked her tongue as I undid her bra. I decided I needed to suck her breasts first. Backed her up to the bed as I sucked with her hands in my hair. She collapsed on the bed. I took her other breast in my mouth and my hand went lower. Fingers back inside her, "So hot and wet." She ran her hands over my shoulders. I kept pumping inside her as I kissed her again. Her hand found my cock again and began to work me. "On your knees, baby, I wanna see you beautiful ass as I fuck you."

"Oh god, you better fuck me hard or Iím gonna rip you up. I need you."

See is trying to kill me. Iím being "commanded" to fuck her hard. Oh, I like that. And if I donít sheís gonna take over and fuck me hard. I donít see how I lose this one. She got on her hands and knees and I ran my hands down her body and parted her to me. I fought the urge to get another taste of her, bury my face in her. I quickly entered her, all the way. She cried out. So did I. I drove in deep and stayed there. She tightened around me, "I want you, want to fuck you, baby. You feel so good. You make me so fucking turned on." I ran my hands all over her and I started my movements. Hard, fast. On the edge of out of control. Got there quickly. I guess my need was greater than I thought. Soon enough I was holding onto her hips pounding away to the sound of both of us. Moaning, groaning, and talking to each other. I caught myself. Iíd had my eyes closed enjoying the feeling. I opened them and looked around. I was drawn to watching me slide inside her. I could see the wetness on me. I felt up her ass, "I fucking love your ass."

With out a thought she said, "Do it, Kevin. Take me."

I leaned over her and sucked on her neck as I dug through the nightstand. Bingo! Sheíd said ok, I wasnít gonna ask. I stopped thrusting, but stayed inside her as I stuck my finger inside her ass, "Tight, oh fuck."

"Tell me what you want, Kevin. Tell me!"

I added another finger and moved inside her. I could feel my cock filling her and pulled out a little, "Want to fuck your ass, baby. Gonna fuck your ass." We hadnít done this before. Both had before, just not together. For some reason I remembered the conversation where I asked about anal sex. Her response had been, "Hell, yes." I wanted to show her hell yes. Slow deep thrusts of my cock matched my fingers inside her, "You ready?" I could feel her loosening around my fingers, I could get in there with hurting either of us.

"Yeah." I slid out of her and rolled on the rubber and lubed myself. I started pushing against her, felt her pushing back, and watched my cock disappear into her body. "Shit, Trace. Squeezing the fuck out of me."

Her breathing was tight, "Keep going, baby. Donít stop."

I kept hold of her hips until I was deep inside her, "Iím in, baby. You ok?"

"Iím fine. Fuck me, Kevin."

"Trace, youíre killing me."

"I want you to kill me."

"Oh shit." I started moving inside her. I wish I could explain the ass fucking thing. I canít. Feels different. Involves trust. Taboo. Itís like something dirty and wrong that feels so good. The sounds of us fucking, and watching as I moved into her got me all fucked up. I grabbed her hips again and started slamming into her. Somewhere along the line I lost control and was in this only for me. She was just a way to get there, and I took it out on her. I heard someone growl then I shoved my cock hard and deep as I came. Shaking. I had to stop all movement to get my shit back together. I pulled out of her and she rolled over on her back. I fell onto her and we attacked each other again. Mouths kissing and sucking and biting. My hand squeezing her breast, her nails in my skin.

As quick as the attack started I stopped it. I backed up and smiled at her as I went down on her. Finally I was gonna get to taste her.


This was good. Feeling him inside me everywhere. I wanted to fuck. Fuck hard and we did. I knew everything I had was going to be sore tomorrow. He had worn me out. If I was lucky heíd wear me out more before the night was over. Weíd never had anal sex. Just never gotten there. Tonight it felt perfect to go there. It felt perfect holding him inside me. Heíd gotten a little lost in it, and that made it even better.

He went down on me. Smirking all the way. God, he was still in attack mode. His mouth sucked at me almost viciously and I felt his fingers go back inside my ass. I was fighting to get closer to him, to take him further into me. He fucked me with his tongue and I was already screaming. He was everywhere. I couldnít have gotten away if Iíd wanted too. I didnít want too. I wanted it all. I grabbed his head and pulled him up a little, "Suck me, Kevin. I need to cum. Make me cum all around you."

He didnít tease, he did as I asked. I swear it was seconds later and I was screaming, "Oh my fucking god! Oh god. Oh god. Oh . . . Kevlyn."

As soon as I quieted down I heard this deep sexy voice coming from between my legs, "Yes, kitten, something you want. Something you need."

Man, I could feel the tears coming. The physical pleasure had been intense and our pet names, and that voice. It was getting to me, "Just you, baby. Just you."

"You got me." He pulled his fingers out of me and I heard myself squeak as I winced. He got up to me, "Did I hurt you, baby."

"Nothing I didnít want. Just a little sore. Felt so damn good." The tears came.

Kevin was used to this, knew it was a good thing. He wiped them away with his kisses, "I love you, kitten. Love you forever. Gonna marry you, make you my wife. Forever."

I sighed into his kiss. Thatís all I could ever want.


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