I called mom first. I wanted them here. All my family here to watch as I married the love of my life, the mother of my child. She shot me down. She said that Aaron needed to be in California. I didnít know what to say. Usually I can fight back. I think maybe I was too in shock to come back with anything. Lee watched me go from excited to silent. I told her what happened and I watched her bite her tongue. Screw it. I should have expected this. Why did I let myself think mom would approve of anything I did? I just never imagined sheíd keep Aaron and the others away.

Next, call my other family. Kevin first. As soon as he answered the phone I felt scared. I was suddenly afraid that everyone would react the way mom did, "What are you doing?"

He laughed, "Enjoying some post sex cuddling."

I heard Tracie in the background, "That better be Nick or AJ."

"Itís Nick. What are you doing?"

"Nothing much." I stammered.

"Then why . . ." I could almost hear a lightbulb go off, "Whatís wrong?"

I didnít say anything for a long time. Aw, fuck it, "What are you guys doing this weekend?"

"No plans, whatís up?"

"I am getting married. I want you there. . . please?"

"Jesus, Nick!" He yelled, "Of course weíll be there. No way in the world weíd miss that. Congratulations, little brother. Tracie, Nick and Lee are gonna get married this weekend."

I heard Tracie shriek in the background then on the phone, "Nicky! Oh god, Iím so excited. Let me talk to Lee. No, Iíll call her on the cell so you two can keep talking. Anything you need weíll do, just let one of us know. This is great! Bye. I love you."

She was gone before I could say thanks. Kevin was back, "Sheís crying."

So was I. This was how it should have been when I called home.


I was pacing around the living room when I heard the cell ringing. Kevinís number. "Hello." It was a shrieking banshee. Oh no, just Tracie.

"Holy fuck, Lee. This weekend. Iím so psyched. Tell me what you need. What can I do"

"Kill Nickís mother."

"Umm, ok. In-law trouble already."

I took a deep breath, "He called and invited her and the siblings. She said Aaron needed to be in California. No he doesnít. Sheís just being difficult. I canít believe that she is keeping the kids away from this. I donít know what the fuck her problem is, but she needs to get the hell over it. Iím carrying her grandchild. Donít fuck with my baby birds. I know Nick was her baby bird first, but she doesnít get to be a complete bitch. Her oldest is getting married and gonna be dad for godís sake. You would think she could fly their little asses out here for a day to see it. But no . . . that would disrupt her little world. Probably just pissed that she doesnít get to run this. Weíre not doing a big publicity thing that her little money makers can be seen at. Just family. Screw her. Damn her for keeping the kids away. I bet she doesnít even tell them. Dammit." I started laughing as I realized my little tirade, "Sorry. I should breathe more often." Silence on the other end. "Trace?"

"Yeah, Iím here. This isnít right. Donít let it ruin it. I think I may not like her very much. Maybe sheíll realize sheís being a bitch."

"I hope so." We talked about the wedding. I got all excited again. I will be damned if sheís gonna ruin my wedding.


Nick told me about his mom. She can be so damned difficult. I know that us there is great, but itís not his "real" family. Iíd be crushed. We talked for a while and he went off to tell the others. I have no worries that they will all react like I did. This is great. The first Backstreet wedding, done in love.

I had a phone call to make. I had to find my book then dialed. Tracie came flying through the door with this determined and pissed look on her face. I waved her off and kept talking, "Jane, itís Kevin Richardson, how are you?" Tracie kissed my cheek and sat down on the bed to listen. This isnít the first time Iíve made a call like this. I realize itís not my place to get in Nickís family business, but this is different. Thirty minutes later I was booking a flight to California. I was going to fly in and pick up the kids, and escort them back to Florida for their brothers wedding. I had also succeeded in getting Aaron on the phone. I told him Nick was getting married and he was just as excited as I thought he would be. Good. I knew that if I could talk to Aaron he would make it happen, and I would be there to make sure nothing made them "late" and miss the flight. Iíve had practice with Janeís passive aggressive ways.

I hung up and was tackled, "You are fucking amazing!!" I would have said something, but I had an extra tongue. Not that Iím bitching. "Amazing. You are the best. I love you. Incredible."

I laughed, "Itís just Jane pouting. The kids will be here. Canít promise that she will be."

"You laid on some serious guilt. Youíre good."

"She responds to guilt. Iíve guilted her before. I donít want Nick to know. This will be part of our wedding present." I ran a finger down her chest and circled her nipple.

"I love how you think." Her hand went to my dick, "Ready for round two?"


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