I woke up and smiled.  I get married today.  Nick was already up and out of bed.  A few seconds later I heard the door knob turning.  I pretended to be asleep.  I felt him sit on the bed, and his fingers in my hair, "Wake up, baby.  We get married today."
             I stretched and opened my eyes, "I know you."
             "I brought you breakfast."
             Oh, he's good.  "I'm starving.  You're kid is hungry too."
             He sat the tray in my lap, "I brought enough for the three of us."

             I cleaned up his cooking while he showered then I showered.  We had agreed on no sex until after the wedding.  We agreed on that after we had sex last night.  I'm not crazy. 

Tracie got there and chased him from the room for the last hour.  She
was my maid of honor.  AJ was standing up for Nick. 

             I kept the kids away from the house.  AJ called and gave me the go ahead to bring them once he had Nick inside away from windows.  We had about 15 minutes to chill and for the kids to talk to their dad.  Jane never showed.

             Time to get out there.  Nothing fancy, just out friends standing around on the beach.  Once I get out there Tracie and Lee will come down.  AJ and I were laughing as we headed down to the beach.  He smacked me in the chest, "Hey, look who's here!"
             I looked up to where my friends were, and saw my family.  Aaron had the biggest grin.  I took off for them and they all wrapped their arms around me.  I was crying, "I'm so glad you guys are here!"  I saw my dad.  I knew he was coming, "Thank you, dad."
             He shook his head, "Don't think me.  I didn't do it."
             Aaron pointed, "Kevin talked to mom, and flew in to get us last night."
             Kevin shrugged his shoulders, "Least I could do."
             I walked over and hugged him, "Thank you so much, bro.  You have no idea how much I appreciate this."
             "Hate to break this up, but there's a bride coming."  AJ handed me Lee's ring, "Maybe you should have someone else be in charge of this."  He motioned to Aaron.
             I smiled and took the ring, "Yeah."  I looked over at Aaron then turned back around, "Kevin, please?"
             "Lee, you need to get over here."
             "It's bad luck."  I didn't move.
             "Oh shut the fuck up.  Trust me you wanna see this."
             I walked over just in time to see Nick and his brother and sisters in a big group hug, "Oh shit, how did that happen.  Oh damn, I'm gonna cry.  Fuck!"
             Tracie put her arms around me, "Kevin took care of it.  That's why he had to leave the boat yesterday, he went out to California to get them so Jane couldn't sabotage it."
             "Damn that big fucker!  I'm gonna have to kiss him."
             Tracie backed up, "I think the weddings off."

             "Nick is proposing to Kevin."

             Didn't expect this, "Nick, don't you think Aaron would make a good best man."

He shook his head, "Sure, but I want you.  I can't thank you enough."
             I was determined to make it through this wedding without crying.  I've blown it and the thing hasn't even started, "It's your wedding.  Whatever you want." 

He threw his arms around me, "Good!  Where are they?  Let's go."

I pulled out my phone and called Tracie's cell, "The groom wants the
bride down here."

"Yes, sir.  We saw it all.  Should I bring you some Kleenex?"

"Damn, Trace, I didn't expect that."

"I know, baby.  You're wonderful.  That's why I love you."

"I love you too."

Nick ripped the phone away, "Enough.  You guys can do that later.  Bring me my bride!!"  He hit the end button and handed it back to me, "Sorry, Kev."

I laughed, "No problem."

             Best day of my life.  My real family is here because my other family made it happen.  It couldn't get any better.  Mom not being here is probably a blessing.  I don't have to listen to any of her shit. 
             Whoa, look at her.  Beautiful.  That's my bride.  I could feel the huge grin plastered on my face.  She had on an ankle length dress, not quite white.  I could tell she was pregnant.  I love that belly.  I don't remember much of the ceremony.  I remember repeating some stuff about not cheating, and being poor and sick.  I
said "I do" at some point.  Kevin elbowed me and gave me the ring.  Then I got to kiss her. 

Good thing Howie taped it.  I'll watch it later and see what I promised to do, and not to do.

             He's gorgeous.  I get to keep him.  He was completely out of it.  I could have gotten him to promise anything.  I couldn't stop looking around at the family with us.  Aaron stood there with a smile that was identical to Nick's.  His dad looked proud.  BJ, Angel, and Leslie held hands and mouthed everything we said to each other.  AJ kept shaking his head.  Brian was quiet and seemed a little sad.  I winked at him and he smiled.  Howie kept the camera steady, and a smile on his face.  Kevin stood beside Nick.  He kept wiping away tears with the tissue that Tracie had brought down, and looking at her.  Tracie never took her eyes off of him, either.  These would be the people who would see us through everything.


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