Kevinís mood was much better. He was down right cuddly. "Down right" is a Kentucky phrase. Iím learning the language. He laughs when I pop out with some colloquialism. Orlando was pretty well deserted except for Howie. Nick and Lee were in Tampa, Brian and Sara were in New Orleans, and AJ was off somewhere being AJ. We were meeting Lee and Nick at the beach house Friday night. I needed girl bonding.

Friday it was just couple time. The newlyweds were down right precious. Like that? Kevin was normal. No, not normal, amazingly affectionate. And I donít mean angling for sex, just love. Saturday Lee and I spent the morning shopping. Home by lunch. Thatís my type of shopping.


Now itís time for me to be sneaky, "Hey, Trace. I feel fat and yucky today, letís go try on our dresses."

"Lee, you look beautiful."

ĎYeah, yeah, yeah. Indulge me."

"Of course."

That was way easier than I expected. Hope this bodes well for the groom. She got me into my dress, and I have to say I looked good. Belly and all. Then we went to dressing her, "So how are you gonna wear your hair?" We did that too. She was going simple, leaving it straight and long, pulling up the sides to fit in the circle of her veil. "Now letís try this on too."

"I feel like Iím at a dress rehearsal. I love this dress."

"You look beautiful. Iím gonna go get a camera, be right back." Lame excuse, but she didnít notice. I went downstairs and found Nick talking to Kevin, who looked amazing in his tux. He held a small bouquet of cream and pink roses. Hers. I hugged him and wiped away the tears, "Go get her, sheís in your room. Dressed and beautiful. Like a bride should be."

He smiled the biggest smile Iíd ever seen from him and headed off. Nick looked at me, "Letís go gorgeous. Ten minutes tops."



I took the stairs two at a time and knocked on our door.

"Lee, just come on in."

"It isnít Lee, baby."

"Kevin, you canít see me . . . why are you wearing your tux?"

"You told me to pick a date and youíd be there. I picked today. Nick and Lee arranged it all." I took her hand and kissed it, "Will you marry me?" Iíll be holding my breath now.

She closed her eyes and shook her head, "You are so good."

"Only for you, Trace. I donít want to wait. Letís do this. All our friends and our family are out on the beach waiting for us. I love you." I had my arm wrapped around her holding her to me, and the roses between us.

"You gonna walk me down the aisle?" There was my smirk.

"Nope. I get you downstairs and Nick walks you between our friends. Iíll be with the judge with AJ and Lee."

She pulled me down to her and kissed me, "Letís go make you a husband."


A half hour later it was all over. Kevin didnít cry all over the place. Lee did. Tracie looked beautiful. That just proves it the whole bride thing and not how long you spend getting ready. Or maybe that sheís just beautiful and in love. They headed back to the house and out on the back deck where we had set up tables and had enough champagne for the whole touring crew. I got them a flight out at midnight and with the time difference that would put them in Hawaii at midnight. Just in time for a moonlight walk and making love on the beach.

Tracie was worried about all the friends that were left out. I promised her that the weekend after they got home I was going to throw them the biggest damn party with everyone around there. I got a kiss. From Lee too. It was a fun time. AJ came over and asked if Tracie was hungry and presented her with a tray of crackers and a can of spray cheese. Kevin told her that was the hors d'oeuvres for all the best Kentucky folk. She chased Kevin around the pool and once on the other side he let her catch him and they stood there kissing for a long time. Lotís of pictures of that one. Around ten I got Kevinís attention and got them saying their goodbyes. He made a little speech thanking everyone for coming with the short notice. Now he cried. She wiped away the tears and hugged him. Too damn cute.


"We need to go change. Long flight ahead of us."

"Where are we going?"

I smiled, "I donít know how to keep this a secret. Itíll be pretty obvious once we get to the airport. I thought a long honeymoon in Hawaii would be good. Kick off this husband and wife gig well."

She ran her fingers through my hair, the way that always sends shivers through me, "My best friend . . . my lover . . . my husband."

I held her face in my hand, "My wife. Let me help you out of that dress."

"Whenís our plane leave?"

Nick poked his head in the door, "Too soon for you two to start messing around. Get a move on!"

We both laughed and quickly changed. We slept on the flight and were good to go once we got in. Our bungalow was great. I dumped our bags in the bedroom then grabbed the champagne I knew Nick had ordered and the blanket by the door and took my wife out on the beach to make love for the first time for the rest of our lives.

You donít think Iím gonna tell you about that do you? Weíre married now, itís private.


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