I felt . . . relieved . . . going home again. Kevin had been right. I needed to talk about that more than I realized. It was amazing to me how much lighter I felt having told him, and Iím sure knowing that it was finally done didnít hurt. The last of the money was in my account. First thing I did was get rid of the cheap ass couch Iíd bought when I first got here and bought a huge comfy thing. Thereís nothing better than a big comfy couch for watching TV and eating popcorn or ice cream.

I went back to my cushy little job being a lifequard. Cushy compared to the PR thing. Letís face it, I didnít need the job, but it was good way to justify getting an awesome tan. One of the guys came by most everyday. We spent most weekends together partying at someoneís house. Kevin and I talked every day. Maybe just for 2 minutes. It was almost a month later when it was party weekend at Kevinís house and he came by the pool that Thursday.

He had been seeing a new girl, Jessica. I hadnít met her, "Is Jessica coming to the party?"

"Nope, sheís going home to visit her family this weekend. Great timing. I wanted you to meet her." We ate lunch and did our normal chit chat and making fun of people, "Hey, why donít you just bring your stuff and stay the weekend at my place. Itís stupid for you to go home for a few hours then come back. Iíve got the room."

"Ah, slumber party at my girlfriendís house. Can we eat ice cream and drink hot chocolate?"

"No. We can drink tequila and eat bacon when we get the munchies though."

"Even better!"



Excellent party at Kevinís house. I love parties there because there are no parents and we all just pass out anywhere we want. I love my mom, but drunk with your mom there doesnít work for me. Howie still lives at home too.

I picked Tracie up on my way there. I was pretty determined that we were all gonna get out of our minds tonight. The tour started soon. We had to get in shape. We were greeted at the door by the host in a Hawaiian shirt and a cowboy hat. The ONLY thing redeeming him was the fact that he had a tray full of shot glasses. I took two.

Tracie looked at him, "Remember when I promised to tell you when you look stupid? You look stupid."

He took her empty glass and gave her a new one, "Drink more. This shirt is fucked up when youíre loaded." She took his word for it. He put an arm around her and they headed toward the deck.

Those two had become closer since New York. I asked him about it a few days before the party. He said they had stayed up all night talking, that is was different because it was the first time it had been just them. He denied it was anything sexual and I had to admit that they didnít act like theyíd fucked. Kevin had a new date, hadnít seen her though. He went through "new dates" a lot.

Oh yippee, Pam is here.


Pam surprised me with an unexpected visit. She comes in every other weekend. This was an off weekend, but as I was leaving for Kevinís she came through the front door. She was in a great mood. We hadnít had a fight since New York. She had gotten mad because Iíd followed Tracie into the bathroom. I explained to her that she was just a friend and we were worried about her. Tracie didnít have friends or family in Orlando except for us. Weíd all made a sort of deal that she was one of the family. Thatís the way we worked. The five of us were brothers, and we had some good friends who were part of our family. Family was everything to us. Pam wasnít family to everyone. They didnít understand her. They didnít know her the way I did. She wasnít excited about the party at Kevinís, but she didnít argue about it.


I love a houseful of friends. Itís the best thing in the world. AJ left about nine, said he was going to pick up a new friend. He came back with a girl, Lee. A few friends, Tracie and I were sitting around the table outside and he brought her over, "Everyone, this is Lee. Lee this is everyone."

We had been playing quarters, yes quarters, and we were drunk. "Hellee, Low!"

Tracie cackled and smacked my head, "Thatís hello Lee, shitfaced."

"I am not shitfaced, TC. Iím drunky poo."

AJ shook his head, "Lee, this is drunky poo, and TC."

Tracie had this annoying habit of sobering up suddenly, "Iím Tracie and this is Kevin. That is Mark, Brent, and Anne. Nick to meet you."

"Thatís nice to meet you, TC."

"Thank you, drunky poo."

Lee sat down. She wasnít especially AJís type either. Shoulder length dark blonde hair, green eyes, a little taller than Tracie, and about the same size. But Lee had bigger breasts. Sue me. Iím a guy. "I think Iím behind, whereís the booze."

Tracie and looked at each other and smiled. I reached between us and pulled out our bottle of tequila. We had decided to off that sucker tonight, "Weíll share." We poured four shots. We liked to have one on standby, "All for you." She did them all. The whole table stood up and applauded her.

"Iíll catch up quick."

The other guys headed over to see what was up. I looked at AJ then her, "So how do you know our AJ? I believe the last woman he brought to us was a lifeguard."

AJ sat down in Tracieís lap and took her shot, "That she was. A hot little bikini wearing lifeguard."

Tracie smiled and kissed him, "Thank you, JA." They wrapped around each other and sat there.

"Thatís AJ, TC."

"Thank you, drunky poo."

"Lee works for a foundation here in Orlando trying to keep music in the schools. Looks like VH1 is gonna hook up with them." AJ took my shot this time.

Lee shook her head, "I set up fundraisers."

Howie perked up, "Ah ha! Professional party planner! Excellent, we donít have one of those."

Tracie laughed, "Donít let them fool you. Youíve been brought in to diversify the gene pool in the commune. AJ is in charge of genetic research and acquisition. His unique body coloring is a result of a bad genetic mix."

AJ shook his head, "This also explains drunky pooís eyebrows, Dís wink, Nickís ass, Brianís height, and TCís unusually small breasts."

Nick spoke before he thought, "Her breasts arenít small." Pam stormed off. This was a habit. Instead of fighting it out she walked out and got him good and worried. Sheíd go back to his house and pout for a few hours. Nick was drunk enough he didnít notice. Later I would tell him that she went home to sleep a few hours ago. It didnít really matter. Sheíd be just as pissy either way. At least my way Nick got to have some fun.


I liked Lee already. That gut instinct thing. I donít like a lot of women. Catty and bitchy. Ok, so I was pretty catty and bitchy too, but itís a special friendship when two women can be catty and bitchy together and not to each other. AJ stayed in my lap and we kept on playing quarters. "Ok, I gotta take a whiz. Party in my room in fifteen."

People spread out. Lee and I stayed sitting, "Shit, Iím drunk."

"Iím sobering up." I laughed.

"Whatís he talking about, party in his room."

"People will get stoned."

She shook her head, "Can I come?"

"Absolutely. Letís go." We walked into the house and I gave her a tour.

"This is beautiful, how long have you and Kevin been together?"

I busted out laughing, "Weíre not together."

"Oh, Iím sorry. I just thought . . out there."

"Na, just friends." I thought for a second, "Heís my best friend." I hadnít tried to define Kevin before.

"Cool. I always liked having guy girlfriends." I knew I liked her.

They had started without us, "I brought our new friend and you all are rude as shit and start without us."

Brian took a hit, "Your problem, youíre late."

I took it away from him, "Thank you, baby." I hit it, then handed it off to Lee, "Guests first."

Nick grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap, he still held his breath as he spoke, "You went before her."

"Details." I laid my head on his shoulder and waited our turn.


"The rain must never fall till after sundown, by dawn the morning fog must disappear. And thereís a legal limit to the snow here, in Camelot." I was singing. Bad habit of mine when stoned. Singing bizarre things.

Nick and Kevin joined it and we butchered the song quite nicely. Lee was laughing on the bed with AJ and Brian. Howie sat quietly shaking his head. The three of us couldnít stop laughing. Nick had tears streaming down his face, "God, I love you guys. I love you too, Tracie."

"Awww, I feel so special. I love you too, Nick." We hugged.

Kevin was never one to miss out on hugs, "I love you too."

"I love Kevlyn too."

They both sat back, "Who the fuck is Kevlyn?"


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