This is one kick ass party. We got so stupid. It was good to be able to cut loose together. Worked perfect with our plane conversation. The jello cocks were priceless. We took pictures of each of up sucking one of those babies down, I of course, had to lick and tease mine first. I think I got a little hard watching the ladies do that.

I would guess it about three am when we had just finished a joint that Fancy Pants told us it was time to go outside. "Oh cool, a bouncing thing." I crawled through the door and started jumping. Nick was next in and was bouncing my skinny ass into the walls. "Damn, Nick!"

I heard Kevin say, "Is this safe?" Then a big splash. Then some cursing. Brian did it.

Tracie joined us in the jumpy thing and we were laughing so hard we nearly peed our pants. Pretty quick it was all seven of us in there. Kevin flung his hair around and sprayed us all with water. He was dripping water everywhere and we were bitching at him. Little known fact. If we took a vote Kevin would be voted most likely to remove his clothes at a party. Ha! You thought it would be me. Kevinís pretty proud of his body. Likes his ass a lot. We cleared out as his clothes came off.

He went upstairs, put on clothes and rejoined the party. We were chilling out now and munching. By dawn we were all asleep all over the room.


I woke up about two. I was starving and I smelled food. Lee and Tracie were cooking. I walked into the kitchen, "That smells delicious."

Lee made a face, "Aw, youíre not supposed to wake up. We were gonna wake you all up."

"Iím sorry. I think. What were you gonna do to me?"

Tracie kissed me, "Morning wake up kiss."

Lee followed suit. I like this a lot. "Excellent. How bout I watch the food and you two go wake up the others."



Nick is so cute in the morning. He looks like a little kid. His clothes are all ruffled and his hair is funky. Now surveying the room. AJ even sleeps sexual, hand on his inner thigh. Damn sexy. Brian is a little kid, curled on his side. Howie has his arms and legs sprawled all over, taking up as much room as possible. Kevin is face down with one arm and one leg hanging off the couch. He should be proud of that ass. I wish Nick was still asleep. We started with Howie and got on both sides of him and kissed his cheek. He smiled and woke up. Brian got two consecutive kisses. AJ grabbed us and humped my leg. Kevin rubbed his face and told us to leave him alone.

You can bet his ass was happy when he smelled bacon. We had cooked quite a spread, bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, pancakes. Lots of coffee. We had brownies for dessert.


We took turns showering and then resumed playing. We took a little vote and decided we werenít quite done. We unplugged the phones and turned off the cells.

We chilled watching cartoons then started playing games. Nothing quite like a little game of drink Candyland. If you got a single square card you had to drink, which means 75% of the time you drank. Then on to Cooties. This gave AJ some sort of flashback. We were pretty well toasted when Nick brought out Twister.

I laughed, "Werenít you humiliated enough the first time."

He spread out the mat, "You will not win this time."

He was right. I lost early. It was AJ and Nick who were last in the game. Lee was the one to cover them in oil. That was fun. AJ liked that a little too much. AJ fell. Play naked or lose. He chose to play naked. Kevin and Brian were cringing. Lee was taking pictures. AJ yelled, "Itís only a dick, ladies."

I replied, "Yeah, but itís a Ďnew to usí dick."

Nick was trying not to touch any part of AJ, "I liked your breasts much much better." Then he fell. He wasnít getting naked, so AJ won. He did a great naked victory dance complete with thrusting and rubbing his oily body all over Lee and I. Not that we really minded.

I took off for the pool and jumped in. Everyone joined me shortly. Howie brought a joint and we passed that around as we talked. They turned on me. AJ started, "We had a talk on the way home, you should have been included."

"What did you talk about?" I took a long hit, knowing I was gonna get it.

"Nick and Pam, Kevin and me over indulging. You should have been there."

"Iím fine."

"When was the last time you had a man in your bed."

Kevin chimed in, "And he stayed overnight."

I glared at him, "Traitor." I thought a minute, then smiled "About a month ago."

Kevin looked over again, "That doesnít count. It was me."

AJ snapped his head over, "I donít know, did it count?"

We both looked at him, "No, it didnít count."

I thought a second, "Too much going on to think about a man, and Iím just not in the mood to date."

Nick laughed, "What is in the mood?"

"I donít want to think about having to make nice and put on that happy early dating face. Trying to get to know someone. Jeez, itís only been like 2 months since Scott and I broke up. Itís not like Iíve become a man-hating bitch or turned celibate. Iím just not interested in a relationship."

Kevin put his arm around me and kissed my head, "I think thatís fine. Keep you single so youíll cook for us."

I yanked one of his chest hairs, "Pig."

"Bitch." We hugged as we laughed. Then he pushed me away and strode off in the direction of AJ. He backed him to the wall, "You called my best friend a bitch yesterday. I should smash you for that."

"You just called her a bitch."

"Yes, but sheís MY best friend. I can do that." He picked him up and threw him in the water.

We spent the night laughing and talking and playing. It was like old times. We were all happy. Things were said that needed to be said, letting us each know that the others saw and cared. Mostly in a joking fun way. Making fun of each others foibles, but zinging each other when we found a blind spot. This was a good time.

The next morning Kevin and Brian cooked for all of us. They waited on Lee and I. We soaked that up. Everyone left around three and went back to their other lives. All of use having reconnected and feeling very safe and loved. Greatest feeling in the world. We all hugged and kissed goodbye. None of really wanting to leave. Out of everyone Nick held on the longest. He had gotten a glimpse of his life again. Not having to be on guard and being accepted, even for his stinky farts. He spent a lot of time thanking me for doing this, and for being there for his big brother. He spent a lot of time with Lee as well, thanking her for everything. She got him laughing about something and they hugged again. It was great to see Nick laughing again. It had been too long.


Tracie stayed and helped me finish cleaning up. The guys were great about helping clean the mess they made. We cleaned in silence. It was a comfortable silence. It took a few hours to finish then we sat down. We just looked at each other for several minutes. I decided I should say something, "I really am ok."

She smiled, "I hope so."

She wasnít convinced, "Trace, I thought she was safe, that I could trust her. Even though I wasnít in love with her, I trusted her."

"I know you did." She chewed her lip, something I hadnít seen her do before, "I didnít trust her. Something made me not trust her. Nothing she said or did, just a feeling I had. I should have listened. I might have been able to stop this."

"Oh, no, you donít. You donít feel guilty about this."

She shook her head, "Yes, I do. Iíve never seen you look so sad and lost as you did those days. Iím your best friend, I should have seen through her when you didnít."

I moved next to her and hugged her, "I love you for thinking that. But youíre gonna have to trust me on this one. No way in hell either of us could have seen through her. Thank god neither of us have a mind like hers."

"Iím sorry. This is about you and Iím whining." She kissed my cheek and moved away, "Do you want to talk about what happened?"

I shook my head, "No. Nothing to say. I was taken for a ride." I laughed, "Hell, I even drove part of the way."

Somehow the knowledge that I drove her for the last part of the abortion stuck with me and was hardest for me to shake. Made it feel like I was in on it, I know I wasnít, but what if Iíd gone in the office with her. Could I have stopped it? Tracie saw me thinking and took my hand, "I still see that look in your eyes."

"Better though?"

"Yes, better. But I hate it. Not my Kevlyn."

"I think itís gonna be damned near impossible for me to trust again."

"I hate her for that."

I shook my head, "I hate her for that too. I just hate her in general."

She hugged me, "Iím sorry."

"Me too." I held on for a while. She was the one person I knew I could trust with this. Yes, I could trust the guys, but this was different. The guys would get mad and stomp and storm and understand. Tracie would hold me and let me cry. Even cry with me. I was angry, but it was the sad sort of angry where part of it was needing to cry. I knew that and I kept telling myself to tell her, but I couldnít. Not yet. "Trace, I know that I need to talk about this. Just not yet. I donít know why, and I donít know when. Just not yet."

"I wonít push you, Kevlyn."

"I know that."

"Unless I see you start to spiral down, and then Iíll push."

"I count on that."

We put in a Bugs Bunny movie and crashed on the couch.


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