"That was amazing gobs of fun." I was still laughing miles down the road.

"Iím so glad you are happy. You were great. You got me a great deal."

"I canít take credit. Youíre idea. I caught that look you threw me when he called me your wife. I just took it from there."

"We make a great team." He plowed onto the highway, "I love this car! I love this car! I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!" He was screaming.

I put my hair in a twist as we hit 75 mph. The stereo was blaring. Kevin was in heaven. That made me very happy. "Where are we going?"

He turned down the radio, "Clearwater. Can not have a car like this and not go to the beach. Thereís a great seafood restaurant right on the water for the dinner I owe you, then I figured we could hang out on Pier 60, and the beach. I love sunset at the beach. I havenít been there in a long long time."

"Me either. Great idea. Actually, I havenít ever been to a beach." I almost flew out of the car when Kevin pulled into the emergency lane. "What the fuck?"

"Youíve never been to the beach?"

I shrank into the seat, "No. Well, in New York, but itís not really a beach. I settled in Orlando. Thatís the closest Iíve been."

"That is disgusting. Weíre definitely fixing that." He put it in first gear then looked over, "Wanna drive?"

I smiled and hopped out of the car. I drove us to the restaurant. I loved this car. It handled great and speed is a wonderful thing.


Where did we miss that she had never been to the beach? Screwed that one up. I love the beach. I guess I figured that since she worked at a pool relaxing on a beach wouldnít really be relaxing. Didnít even think to ask. Clearwater is a good first beach. Iíd think on this.

We were seated immediately at a table in the farthest corner of the deck over the beach. While she went to the restroom I ordered wine and some appetizers. She came back and had taken her hair down. Looked kinda cute all wind blown. The wine came, "This is a good Florida beach. Not the best, not the worst."

"This is gorgeous. Sunsets are my favorite. Whatís the best? This wine is good."

"Thank you. I donít know. Iím thinking about the best. We might have to explore that one. I feel shitty that youíve never been to the beach. I just assumed. Everyone has been to the beach."

"Sorry. Iím a loser." She was laughing.

"Na, Iíd never marry a loser. Well, twice anyway." More laughing.

Dinner was great. Tracie went for steak and lobster tail, and I did all you can eat crab legs. We shared. We finished off the wine and headed out to the beach. The sun was just hitting the water. I led her out to the waters edge, the dry sand and sat down, "This is my favorite time."

"I love the color of the sky at sunset, the water just makes it better. This is great. Must come back and spend all day here. I think I could watch the waves hit the sand all day. And the sound. Itís so loud. Itís amazing. Thank you."

We sat there awhile before I pulled her up, "Letís get away from the lights of the Pier, itíll get dark fast. The water kind of glows. I wish it was a full moon. Thatís the best." We walked about a mile down the beach before it was dark, there werenít many people on the beach. Tracie kicked off her shoes and headed to the water. We had been walked on the hard packed sand, now we were in the water. She was kicking it up and watching the waves roll across her feet. "Fascinated?"

She broke out of her trance, "A little. Itís kind of a spiritual thing. Peaceful. One with the universe. Watching the footprints disappear. Itís a very sensual experience. Sight, sound, smell, touch."

"Exactly. I feel that way about the mountains too. Beach is second, but a very close second."

"I can see that. Best of both worlds." We walked along quietly for a little while. Both of us thinking. "Kev, ready to head back?"

"Yeah." We turned around and headed back. I put my arm around her shoulder.

"Thanks for dinner." She put her arm around my waist.

"I owed you big. One dinner doesnít cut it."

"Maybe the beach though."

"Nowhere near."


We were about half way back when I spoke again, "Penny for your thoughts." I canít explain it, but I could Ďfeelí him drifting off.

"I am happier right this second than I have been in . . . years, I think."


"Very good. I have so much right now. A career I only dreamed of. A set of friends that I work with, and can count on to support me and kick my ass. Enough money to take care of my family, friends, and get me the car I want. A great house. The freedom to be creative. A best friend who I love to spend time with even doing nothing. Itís all fun."

"Thank you. I know what you mean though. Iím not sure it gets much better than this. Talking with you, hanging out. Parties, friends. People I love all around me. And that love me."

"Now if we could just find long term mates." He laughed, "You know, I donít know that I want that anymore. At least right now."

"Kevin, donít do that to yourself. Things arenít even final yet."

He was shaking his head, "I know. Thatís not a sad thing. I mean that things are good. Sure, I want all that, but Iím not gonna rush it, or push it, or even try to find it. Itíll find me. For now, Iím content. Thatís a good feeling. If I need a date for something, I always have you. I could do a lot worse."

I kicked his ass behind me, "You certainly could. I am always up for dinner, dancing, movie. And itís pretty cool to be the envy of all the ladies with you nearby."

He kicked my ass, "Yeah, the jealousy factor when the men think youíre with me is pretty damned gratifying. And getting laid when youíre a Backstreet Boy isnít hard."

We were laughing as we got in the car, "Neither of us have problems getting those sexual needs met. I donít mean that badly."

He closed my door and walked around to the driverís side, "I know. Me either. We enjoy each otherís company and weíre single. I love you, youíre my best friend. Sex is sex. It can be more, it can be less. I donít have the trust for it to be more."

"I hope you get that trust back. Hell, I hope we both find what we want. No matter what we have each other. Ok, enough serious shit. Crank up the volume and lets jam."

"Trace, I meant what I said. I am happy. Very happy. I refuse to feel slighted when the only thing Iím missing is a girlfriend. Thatís bullshit."

"Kevlyn, I agree. Iíve always felt that way. When youíre not looking is when you run into the good stuff."

He glared at me, "Why didnít you pass this knowledge onto me, how to be happy without looking."

"Something you have to learn yourself. I am simply more evolved than you."

"You are simply more full of shit than me. Which I didnít know was possible."

I found an all 80ís station and we sang and laughed all the way back to my house. It was nearly four in the morning when we got there. It was always four in the morning when we had our best talks and most fun. This had been a great night.


It had been a great night. It hit me again exactly how blessed I was, and how happy I felt. I guess I didnít realize how unhappy Iíd been lately. So realizing I was happy felt great. I want to keep this feeling. Keep the happy. I wanted to go home and let it all sink in, finish thinking it to death. "Iíll call you tomorrow. Will you go with me to pick up the SUV? Iíll even let you drive the Z back to my house."

"Woo hoo! Canít resist that one. Night, Kevlyn."

"Night, Trace."

We met in the middle for our normal hug and kiss. Thatís where normal stopped. We both backed up and stopped a few inches from each other. My eyes caught hers. We moved together again. Next thing I know one of our mouths opened, one of our tongues touched the othersí, one of us put their arms around the other, then our tongues are rolling over each other. I have no idea how long this lasted, but I donít think it was nearly long enough.

We backed up again and stared at each other. Tracieís fingers were touching her bottom lip, like she was checking to see if it was still there. She licked her lips, "Iíll talk to you tomorrow." She was out of the car and in the apartment before I realized I wasnít at my house.


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