With about three hours to go Kevin got out of bed and turned on the shower. He came back and took my hand, "Come on."

I laughed, "Weíve got three hours."

He pulled me to him and kissed me, "If we donít start early weíll never get there. And if we donít eat something weíre gonna pass out. And you need clothes. I think you showing up in that dress, which I love, would be a dead give away."

"You think weíll make it through the night and keep our hands off each other?" I wasnít even willing to entertain this as an option. All I knew for sure was that for the next twenty-four hours I had full access to his body and whatever I could think of doing to him. Who knew what would happen after we talked. I wasnít even thinking about it. I was going to just enjoy it, then worry about the rest.

"No. I donít think I even want to do that. But I donít want either of us to take their shit, and you know they will give us shit. Weíve got another twenty-four hours before we think about this. I plan on enjoying ever second. Either doing what I want or driving myself insane trying to keep from doing it." He kissed me. Nice that we were on the same page with this. "Right now, I want you in the shower. Take that in the nastiest possible way."

And he had me in the shower.

Kevin was right, we needed to start early. Heís very good at starting and stopping. Likes to make it last. The times when heís not inside me are filled with so much kissing and touching that by the time heís inside me again Iím more excited than I was when he left. Took us about an hour to get out of the shower. We went downstairs and threw a couple of frozen dinners in the oven. Damn near set those on fire. Settled for salad. AJ would have snacks. Had to take another shower then, reeked of sex. We finally left the house an hour after we were supposed to be there. Itís all good.


Pam was here. I watched her. As more people arrived she got clingier and clingier. Even when she wasnít glued to his side she was watching like a hawk about to swoop down and eat the baby bird. I also watched him get more and more annoyed. Where the hell is Tracie? I need to bounce this off her. Make sure Iím not seeing what I want to see. I know what I want to see, but I also know that I want him to be ok. The latter is much more important.


Where the hell is Tracie? Where the hell is Kevin? Coincidence? I donít think so.

My party was good. I liked my party. Mom was gone to her parents and the house was ours. I went to kitchen to load some more chips and wings. I was flanked by Lee, Nick, Howie, and Brian. Brian laughed, "Umm, the gangs all here."

Nick stuck his finger in his mouth, "Wait arenít we missing someone?"

Howie ate another wing, "Two someoneís I believe."

"One hundred bucks says they try to be good, but lose it by eleven." Lee helped with some chips.

Nick laughed, "If they make it here by eleven. Are you saying you believe they are finally fucking?"

AJ laughed, "Iíll say it if she doesnít. They are finally fucking."

"How will we know? Heís not gonna talk." Brian knew his cousin well.

I started a list, "Letís see, if they come in holding hands."

Lee smiled, "Already do."

"Ok, if they kiss."

"Do that."

"If they spend all their time together."


"If they sleep together."


"If they go out on dates and talk on the phone everyday." I threw my hands up, "Obviously, they have been fucking for nearly a year and we missed it."

Nick smiled, "Itíll be written all over their faces, in their eyes. The way it should be when youíre finally with the one you love more than life itself. Your soulmate, when you find her."

Room was silent. An amazingly profound statement had just come from our little Nicky. A little sad too, obviously heís been thinking about Pam, and I donít see anything but sad and annoyed written all over him. Lee put her arm around him and whispered something. He hugged her. Now, isnít this getting interesting?


Lee told me to hang in there, that I would find her. I know itís not Pam. Today had been hell. She didnít want to come, and now sheís clinging. I feel like Iím counting down the days to when I just canít take it anymore. I donít know how Iíll know.

We all walked out laughing and carrying more food. Kevin and Tracie walked in the door.


Tracie is wearing Kevinís clothes. Looks like a pair of his swim trunks, and a white tank that she has tied to make it look like it fits. None of the other guys will notice this because she just looks hot.


Damn, she looks hot. She came in the door in front of him, but turned to look at him as soon as she got in the hallway. He smiled at her then they went their separate ways. Tracie headed to Lee, and Kevin went toward a group of friends. Nick walked over to me.

"I told you. Written all the fuck over them. Did you see how she looked at him, how he smiled. Thank you, God. Finally." Ok, he was a little excited, and a little drunk. But damn, heíd been miserable for long enough and we love Tracie. We all do.

I laughed, "Yep, theyíre fucking." I was fighting the urge to go over and bust his ass, but then decided Iíd give them a week. They were probably having enough trouble deal with this anyone. They are the two thinkingest people Iíve ever met.

It wasnít long before Kevin made his way toward Nick and I. Nick was smiling huge, "Running a little late?"

"Yeah, it took us longer than we expected to get dinner. Sorry, AJ."

"No problem. Your loss missing this kick ass party."

He smiled, "Iíll find a way to live with the loss."


"So, Ms. Tracie, a little late are we? And we left MY party a little early last night. I wonder what could be occupying all your time and be better than partying with friends." I smiled sweetly.

She took a chicken wing off my plate and smirked, "Way way better than partying with friends. Oh god, way better. Donít ask anything, I donít know anything. Weíre gonna talk tomorrow afternoon, until then itís pure pleasure. Impure pleasure?"

"Got to hate that. You know where I am. Whatever you need. Now for me . . . Nick keeps showing up at late hours, running away from home. I think heís gonna ditch her."

Tracie pumped her arm, "Yes! Then he can move on."

"I want him."

Tracie started choking and coughing, "Shit, Lee!"

"I know. What can I say . . . heís hot, and heís sweet, and way too good for her. I want him bad."

Kevin walked up and put his hand on her back, "You ok?"

I watched the back of her hand lay against his thigh, "Yeah, Iím ok. Lee just freaked me out a little."

"Ok, just checking." He walked off.

She turned back to face me with this glazed over look. I laughed, "Hope youíre seriously not trying to make anyone believe you two arenít fucking?"


"You cough, he runs over. You are all flushed and he just touched your back. That good?" She shook her head and smiled, looked like she was remembering. "I hate you. I wonít be waiting a year before I fuck Nick. Heíll get over her faster if he has someone new."

"Of course he will. And you will let him do what he needs to do. Nickís not a slut who has to fuck her out of his system like . . ." She trailed off.

I got in her face, "You just remember heís already fucked her out of his system. Heís not gonna risk your friendship for a fuck and you know it."

"I know." She laughed, "Damn, youíre all worked up. I swear itís fine. Weíll work it out tomorrow. Iím a slut too, he just has more opportunity. How long till Nick dumps her?"

"Not sure, but not long. Iíve been watching and sheís clingy and heís annoyed. He pretty much said he knows itís ending, waiting for the last straw. I wanted you here to watch too, make sure I wasnít being and opportunistic bitch and seeing what I want to see."

"Please, donít even go there. You would never do anything to make this happen. It will."

"Think you can pry your eyes off your lover and watch too?"

"If I ever become so dependent that all I do is hang on him and follow him around I want you to kick my ass hard. I hate that. I am still a person with my own friends." She giggled, "Right now doesnít really count because Iím really horney."

"I think thatís a good thing to be."

"Itís a very good thing to be."

I hugged her, "You know I want details later."

"Iím sure!"


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