I sped over to Kevin’s and banged on the door, “Let me in!  I know you’re in there!”

            “Nick, maybe they’re busy.”

            I started to say something when Kevin opened the door.  I looked at Lee, “Yeah, I guess so.  Nice hair there, bro.”  I giggled and pushed him out of the way.  I got to the stairs and yelled, “Tracie, get your sweet ass down here now.”

            Kevin had on shorts, “She’s not dressed.  It’ll take a minute.  This needs to be very important.  I was just getting started.”

            Tracie appeared wearing the shirt Kevin wore on the plane, “It is very important.  Didn’t expect you so soon.” 

            I grabbed her in a huge hug, “I love you!  I love Lee!  I love everyone!”  I started dancing around again.



            I started laughing.  Lee too.  Kevin was a little lost.  I hoped he was ready for this.  Nick was doing the booty dance, as the fans called it, and singing “I love you!  I love Lee!  I love everyone!”

            Kevin yelled, “Nick, stop, what the hell is going on?”

            Nick looked at me, “Oh good, you didn’t tell him!”

            I smiled, “I was asked not to for at least another hour so you, my dear, would know first.”

            “Thank you.”  Nick walked over and kissed me.

            “Congratulations, Nick.”  I whispered it where Kevin couldn’t hear.

            Kevin stood there very patiently.  Nick let go of me and hugged him, “I’m gonna be a dad.  I know this is quick and I know you’re gonna have feelings with what you told us, but I wanted you to know first.  Well, I figured you already knew, since this one is the one who knew first.”

            I watched Kevin carefully.  He did that great slow smile, “Congratulations,  you guys.  I’m happy for you.”  That’s my man.

            Kevin hugged Nick, then Lee, then Nick again.  Nick put an arm around Lee, “Kev, you ok, I mean today .  . .”

            He thought for a few seconds, and reached for my hand, “Yeah, I’m cool.   Before today and the conversation with you guys, and then Trace . . . probably not.  But it’s all fallen into place today.”  I squeezed his hand.

            “Umm?  Mother-to-be here.  What are you all talking about?  What conversations?” 

            Kevin didn’t break stride, “Jessica didn’t have a miscarriage.  She had an abortion behind my back.”

            Lee’s hand flew to her mouth, “Oh shit, Kevin!  I’m so sorry.”  She came over and hugged him.

            He patted her back, “It’s ok.  Had to go through that to get here.”

            She smiled at him, “Pretty damn good place to be.”

            “Damn, right.”   We all went into the family room and sat down, “You guys have only been together a month, how did this happen?”

            Nick laughed, “Well, Kevin, first the man and woman get naked then he takes his penis . . .”

            “I promise he has that part figured out.”  I laughed too.

            “Oh, you mean specific to us.  Oh, we were a little reckless that first night.”

            Kevin shook his head, “Thought that only happened to teenagers.”

            Lee and I burst out laughing, “That’s what we said!”

            Nick said, “Na, it’s me.  I’m surprised these shorts can contain all this manhood.”

            I groaned, “Oh god.”

            Lee said, “Let’s take all that manhood home and put it to use.”

            “Yeah, baby.”  Nick stood up and started dancing around the room, “I’m gonna be a daddy, a daddy.”  He hugged us and left.


            Kevin and I were standing in the entry way,  “Now, what were we doing before we were interrupted?”

            I took his hand, “I’m not sure.  I know that we were upstairs.  Maybe if we go back up there we’ll remember.” 

            “You’re so smart.”  I led the way.  Once back in the bedroom I pulled off my panties and his shirt, “I think I remember we were naked.”

            Kevin smiled, “I remember that you were naked, and I was still in these shorts.”

            “Let me help you with those.”  I pushed them over his ass and his cock sprang up, “I think one part of you remembers.”

            He slid his hands between my legs, “Let’s see if you remember.”  I felt his finger inside me and shuddered.  He pulled out of me, “Feels like you do.”  Then he slid that finger inside his own mouth, “Tastes like you do too.”  I heard myself whimper and the shiver run through me. 

He backed onto the bed and sat down.  I walked to him and ran my fingers down his cheek.  He took my breasts in his hands and sucked my nipple.  I held his head, feeling the slight movement as he lavished my breasts with his mouth.  I climbed onto the bed and onto his lap.  I felt my way to his cock and gripped him.  He moaned against me and I began to move along his length.  I pushed away and knelt on the floor, kissing down his chest.  His stomach quivered, “I know where you’re going.”

I looked up and smiled, “I do too.  Right here.”  I licked up the underside of his cock and around the head.  

He moaned and leaned back on his hands, “Too long away.”  I continued suck him then with him deep in my mouth . . . I purred.  “Oh fuck.  My kitten.”

I’m indulging him, he’s been gone.  Ok, I admit, the whole kitten thing is growing on me.  The whole time he was gone I’d find myself slipping into the fantasy of rubbing against his legs, nuzzling his neck, licking him, and curling up in his lap and falling asleep as he pet me.  If that’s what it’s like to be his kitten . . . I’m there. 

He pushed me away and slid in the floor with me.  He moved around behind me and pushed me leaning over the bed.  I felt his kisses on the back of my neck as he entered me.  I reached around and squeezed his butt.  I turned enough to kiss him as he moved inside me, “I love this, missed this.  You too.”

I was rewarded with his fingers on my clit.  He sucked on my neck, “My fingers now, or my tongue later?”

I laughed, “Both.”

“Greedy little kitten.”

“You’ve been gone two weeks.  One orgasm isn’t going to be enough.  For either of us.”

Knew he wouldn’t argue with that logic, “Hell no.  Baby, you feel so good.”



            Tracie came and her tightness felt so good.  I made it last as long as I could before I came.  I pulled out of her as she climbed onto the bed.  I followed and immediately went down on her.  I needed to hear that special way she said my name.  The silkiness of her against my fingers and the taste of her on my tongue is one of the best things in my world.  And there’s a lot of great things in my world.  I got long drawn out “Kevlyn” and joined her on the pillow, “I needed that.”

            “You liked it too.”  Her hand wrapped around my cock.  Hard again.  She left my pillow and sucked me.  Sucked me good.  Damn. 



            We went out to dinner.  Her favorite resturant.  She ate like a damn horse.  I think it’s too soon for this to be pregnancy related, it’s psychological.  After dinner we went to a book store and bought every book that looked mildly interesting.  I snuck over to the kids section and loaded up on these chunky books, and  the plastic ones, and some cool ones that you touch on.  My mind raced through all the things I wanted to do, that we needed to do in the next nine months.  While we driving home a big thing hit me.  I dumped the bags on the couch, carried her upstairs, and made love to her.  Slowly.  As I held her I kissed her nose, “Ya know, there’s one thing we need to do before this baby gets here.”

            She cuddled up to me closer, “What’s that?”

            “We should get married.  Lee, marry me.”

            She sat up and looked at me, “No.”



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