Ah the sweet hills of Kentucky. I canít lie. I do like this mountain. Itís beautiful. And Kevin. Whoa! He reverts into this country boy. He gets this cute little accent, and I swear I would not surprised to walk outside to see him cutting down a tree with a big axe wearing nothing but a pair of cut off denim shorts and chewing on a piece of straw. Now that I think of it, Iíd love to see that. Wonder what I need to do to make that come true?

We went into Lexington Saturday morning to visit with his family. I liked them, and they seemed to like me. We picked up groceries on the way back and some wine, and champagne. Kevin said he wanted to cook me dinner. I was very ok with that. He opened the wine and sent me off to sit on the porch. I sat on the swing and watched . . nothing. He would run out and fill up my wine glass. About an hour later he called me in for dinner. Heís a great cook. After dinner he sent me off to the hot tub while he cleaned up. Donít know, donít care what this was about. I liked it though.


So far, so good. I like doing things for her. Tonight I have ulterior motives. I finished with the kitchen then joined her in the hot tub with the champagne. She laughed, "Are we celebrating?"

"Sort of."

"Your freedom?"

"And my soon to be lack of."

She made that screwed up dog face, "What?"

I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her. I kept my hands on her face, "Marry me." No quick yes. I didnít really expect one. "Tracie, I love you. Marry me."

"You asshole!" She stood up and got out of the hot tub. I kind of expected this.

I got out and dried off. Took my time. I thought Iíd let her get good and mad before I faced her. I pulled on a pair of boxers, thought I might need some protection, and headed out, "Tracie."

She was right in front of me with her hand over my mouth, "Donít talk to me." I stood there with my lips sealed tight. I wanted to laugh. I knew what all this was about. Iíd scared her. As soon as she realized this and the scared passed it would be ok. She waited for me to get it back together the other day. Iíd wait. She walked away from me, still naked and dripping wet, "You dragged me out into the middle of nowhere to fucking ask me to marry you. You asshole."

I did laugh this time, "You called me that already." She hauled back her fist and fired. I caught her hand in mine, "Remember how bad you felt last time you hit someone?"

She yanked her hand away from me, "Well . . . she deserved it too."

"Your cute when you mad, and naked."

She looked down and walked off to the bedroom. I guess she grabbed the nearest thing, and came out in my robe. I was more and more convinced that she really hated me. "Dammit, Kevin! Weíve been dating for for . . ."

"About a year and a half."

"Two months."

"A year and a half."

"Two months, you asshole!"

"Technically two months. But really a year and a half. We just didnít call it dating."

She couldnít argue that. I knew Iíd won that one by the look she gave me. If looks could kill I would be very dead. "Fine. You just got unmarried why in the hell would you want to get married again."

"Nope, not about me. Why donít you want to marry me?" Iíve never played chess, but this was probably a lot like it.

"Youíre an pig."

"Youíre a bitch."

"You donít get to call me a bitch." She had her hand on her hip, very sexy.

"Iím the only one who can call you a bitch."

"Oh yeah, what gives you that right?"

"Because I love you."

"Youíre picky, you are difficult, and you want things your way all the time."

"So do you." Still fun.

This witty repartee went on for a long time. She paced and ranted and raved. I sat in a rocking chair drinking wine. "I need to get out of here."

"Nope, weíre here until you say yes, or one of us dies. Probably me."

She walked over and stood in front of me, "Where are the keys, Kevin."


"Fine, Iíll walk." She headed toward the door.

I got up and stood in front of it, "Baby, itís dark. Itís cold. And a seven mile walk to town."

"You ambushed me. Kidnapped me."

I smiled, "Yes, I did."

"Youíre not even gonna deny it."
I shook my head, "Nope. Iíll never lie to you. Weíve both had enough lies and betrayls to last a lifetime. Weíre gonna do it the right way."

Her head dropped, "Damn you, Kevin."

That was my opening. I took her in my arms. She didnít fight me, "Tracie, I love you. I wonít tell you all the reasons weíre perfect together, you know them all. Youíre scared. So am I, but I want you anyway. Forever."

She looked up at me, tears in her eyes, "I hate you."

"Yes, I know. Marry me and youíll have the rest of your life to hate me."

Her eyes closed and she buried her head against my chest. I love that. I put my hand under her chin and made eye contact with her. I needed it this way, "Tracie, I love you. Baby, marry me."

There were my tears. "Yes."

I kissed away those precious tears, "Thank you." Then I kissed her. I slid my tongue in her mouth, and my hands inside my robe. I dropped it to the floor and felt her body, so warm and soft under my hands. "If youíre done trying to kill me, can I make love to you?"

Her hands ran down my chest and pushed my boxers over my butt, "Yes." I felt her nails scrape against my skin. Her breath against my chest. Her lips.

"Thatís two yeses. I may die of shock." I ran my fingers through her hair and licked her neck.

"Just shut up and make love to me." Her hips ground against me.

"Are we gonna fight like this for the rest of our lives?" I leaned down and sucked her breast. Her nipple hardened in my mouth. I played with it. My teeth, my tongue.


I picked her up and laid her on the bed. She sucked my neck and clung to me as I walked, "Good. I like fighting with you."

I slid inside her, quickly filling her. She sighed and wrapped her leg around me. I grabbed it and pulled it up. Filled her more. Deeper. Felt so good. "Umm, god."

Tracie pushed with her free leg and pushed us over. She sat astride me and rested her hands on my chest. I reached forward and used my thumb against her clit. Both of us had a coat of sweat covering us. She leaned back against my thighs. I could see me entering her. See our bodies connected. See me pleasing her. "Close, Kevin, close. Donít stop."

"Never." I sat up and sucked her breast again, then to her mouth. Kissing as we both came. The intensity increased with our bodies, then slowly calmed as I laid back and took her with me. I kept her on top of me. "You can leave now. Go home."

She nuzzled into my neck, "I am home."



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