Iím impressed. Why didnít we do this before? This has felt so good. I hope itís not beginners luck. Time to stop that train of thought. I headed downstairs after her. I walked in the kitchen and saw this naked woman in my refrigerator, "Hey there."

She looked over and smiled, "Hey, I was coming back."

"I know. I couldnít wait." I walked to her and pressed my body against her back, my hands on her stomach. I used my face to move her hair to one side so I could kiss on her neck.

Tracie let out this little sigh and pressed back into me, "So thirsty that you couldnít wait?"

"That impatient and lonely." My right hand went to her breast, my left moved between her legs. I still hadnít got to touch her. My fingers slid along her, and inside her. She was warm and slippery to my touch. I moaned in her ear, "Very good."

She turned her head to me, "What are you doing to me?"

I knew what she meant, but went another way, "Trying to make you feel as good as you just did me." She closed her eyes as I kissed her. My tongue explored her sweet mouth as my fingers found her clit and slowly rolled over it. She collapsed a little more into me. I went back to kissing her neck, "I can taste me in your mouth. That turns me on. I want to taste you in my mouth." I turned her around to face me, then turned us around so I could lift her onto the island. I kissed her again then smiled at her, seeing her desire in her eyes. Loved that.

"Tasting yourself turns you on?"

I know, most men wonít kiss after they cum in a ladies mouth. I figure that itís rude to refuse to kiss someone whoís just blown you. The taste doesnít bother me, and it seems to drive home the knowledge of what sheís just done. That turns me on. "Yes, reminds me of what you just did to me." I bent to suck her breasts again and slid my fingers inside her, began to move them inside her. Part of me so wanting it to be my cock inside her. She leaned back on her hands as I made my way down her body. I stopped at her navel too. Pulled at the gold ring there. Just enough to hear her moan, hopefully thatís more about anticipating whatís to come. I went down further. I could smell her, and felt myself get hard. I kissed along her bare skin, "Still jealous of whoever did this."

"You can do it next time." Itís pretty amazing how hard a cock can get.

I kept my fingers moving in and out of her as I licked her. I felt around with my tongue, explored her slowly. I got my fingesr out of the way and tongue fucked her. I wanted to feel her wrapped around my tongue, and to taste her completely. My fingers sank inside her again as I wiggled my tongue up to where her clit should be. Ah yes, found that easy enough. I gave her the same "gift" she had given me and turned my eyes up to her. She was watching me and biting her lip. I flicked and circled at her clit, then would suck her. Every time Iíd suck sheíd take a sharp intake of air and her blue eyes would flare with electricity. It wasnít too long before I heard a deep, deep moan followed by, "Oh god, Kevlyn." Then a high whimper, "So close, so so close." I kept doing just what I was and began to feel her contracting around my fingers. Her sighs and moans got louder and closer together. Her eyes turned this bright blue, beautiful. Seconds later I got a string of "oh gods" some whimpering noises and another one of those deep breathy "Kevlyns". This one was drawn out. She was gone. Her eyes never left mine. Intense.

I was happy. I broke the eye contact and looked where I was licking. I felt a hand on my face, pulling me up. I met her eyes again, "Inside me. Now!"

I had come downstairs prepared and grabbed the condom off the countertop. This time she took it from me and put it on me. My hands rubbed her thighs are she touched me. One of her hands left my cock and went to my face, and pulled me in for a kiss. Her other hand took my cock right into her. I stopped kissing her, "Tracie, you are so tight, feels great."

"You feel great. Made me feel great. Thank you."

I smirked, "Anytime, Tracie."

Her hands went to my ass, "Harder, Kevin, harder." Her nails dug into me as I pumped into her harder.

I reached between us as we kissed and used my thumb to work her clit again, "I want you to cum, too."

Tracie wrapped her arms around my neck and grabbed my hair, not really pulling, but being as rough as we were fucking each other. This time it was very shared fucking. We kissed again and I wanted it to stay that way. I was damn close and she was making those sounds again. She tried to pull away from the kiss, but I held her to me. I wanted it this way. She stopped trying and took it out on my tongue as her orgasm hit. I felt her gripping my cock and went deep to cum. The room was filled with muffled sounds of both of us. I let her go and we wrapped around each other. She spoke, "That was damn good."

"Hell, yes." I started laughing, "I donít think you can ever call me Kevlyn again without me having a flashback."

"Iíll remember that and use it wisely." She sucked on my bottom lip before kissing me again then burying her head in my neck. She still sat on the island with her legs around my waist, "Take me to bed . . . Kevlyn."

My hands held her ass I carried her, "As you wish."


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