I went upstairs and Kevin cleaned up the kitchen. Heís much better at cleaning than I am. That can be his job. Oh shit, this is one of those times. Iím thinking about dividing up household chores. Too much. Heís gonna have to hire a maid. I pulled out a bag and felt this compulsion to shove everything I owned into it. Then I felt stupid and like I was jumping ahead. I had this feeling like some teenager. Yuck, I donít do mushy. It makes me ill. I packed work clothes (swim suits), a few pairs of shorts, and tops. Nothing big. Kevin came upstairs as I was packing bathroom things. He sat down on the bed and looked in my bag, "Donít forget a couple of nice dresses, mini skirts."

I peeked out of the bathroom. I could tell I was in "friend" mode, "Why would I need those things?"

He wasnít, "I want to take you out. Real date. When we both know itís a real date."

I stopped breathing for a second then walked over to him, "That scared me."

"What does, Tracie?"

"Real date. Hell, this is all scary."

"I know. But nothing different. We go out, we have fun, we hold hands, and talk about anything and nothing." He ran his hands along my back and kissed my stomach, "Then we go back to my house and you sleep over."

"Sleep over?" I was no longer in friend mode.

"Yeah, you can sleep in the guest room if you want."

"Guest room my ass." I ran my fingers through his hair and got rewarded with a nice sigh.

He pulled me down to kiss him, "I love your ass." He grabbed my ass and pulled me onto the bed, "There are things I want to do to that ass. Bad, bad things."

"I doubt that." I stretched out on top of him and kissed him. My tongue inside his mouth was wonderful. He is so warm and sweet. And uses his tongue well.

We rolled around for a bit, kissing and touching, "Trace, what ARE your limits?"

"I didnít expect that one. Kevin, you know Iím not big on limits. I am assuming you mean sexual."

He propped himself on his elbow and looked down at me, "Those would be the ones. Sex sex is good. Oral sex is beyond good."

I rubbed between his legs, "Glad you like it. Sorry you turned me down at your wedding?" I immediately felt bad for bringing that up.

"I was unaware of what I was turning down. And donít be weird about that. You were my best man. Back to our conversation before I suffer blood loss to the brain. Anal sex."

I smiled, "Too late on the blood loss thing. Yes on the anal sex. Definitely. Wouldnít it be better to tackle these issues as weíre doing them?"

"I like laying here talking. You stroking me feels very good." His kissed me.

"I thought Iíd just keep this up, see how long you can last."

He stretched out a little and spread his legs with a sigh, "Umm, like that. Toys?"

"Top drawer of the nightstand."

I was quickly losing him, "Pack those. I donít have toys. I think those are a girl thing."

"Yes, using the same vibrator on multiple women is gross. But you could have one for your own personal use."

He laughed, "What would I do with that?"

"Same sort of thing youíre plotting to do to me." I laughed, "You have an opening of sufficient size to accommodate a vibrator, Kev."

"Iíve heard that. Wouldnít . . . oh god, good . . . know that from personal experience."

"Really? Ummm, trust me?" I knew that if I could get him to loosen up and try it, he would love it. That was something I had learned in college and found to be a great extra. It wasnít something I did with just anyone. Like with anal sex it required some preparation and Iím not into touched or being touched by someone I donít know pretty well. Even with protection. Not happening.

"Stupid question. Iím not opposed to trying that. Iíve been told itís a real sensitive area and feels great. Have to be in the right mood though. It will come as no surprise to you that Iím a bit . . . anal retentive."

We both laughed. His laughed turned to a groan. I laid on top of him, "Iíll speed this up, because Iím about to lose you. Anal is fine. Toys are fine. You can tie me up. A little pain at the exact right moment is good. Not into whips and chains. Not into real pain, hot wax, shocking. Been there done that didnít like that. Food is fine. Not big on blindfolds. Like to know whatís going on. That control thing. Very closely related to anal retentive."

"I would never guess. I do like hot wax though. Blindfolds are great. Trust me?"

I kissed him an answer, "I think Iím gonna go down on you now. If youíre ok with that?"

"That would be just fine with me." I smiled at him as I moved down his body. I took him in my mouth and heard, "Damn fine with me."

As soon as he came I moved under his balls and stuck the tip of my tongue against his anus. Wiggled against him a little bit then quickly moved to lay beside him. He was wide eyed staring at me. I smiled, "Yes?"

"Sneak attack on my ass?"

"You said you werenít opposed, just had to be in the mood. I thought having just cum would be a good mood. Like or dislike?"

"Like. Letís get back to my place and settle in for the night."

I smiled and kissed him, "You need to pull up your pants then." I crawled off the bed and left a quick kiss on his dick before throwing the rest of my things, including a few nice dresses and mini skirts in the bag.

"Iíll carry. Letís go." Kevin picked up my bags and took my hand. We walked out of the apartment and drove back to his house.


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