Nickís not coming. I wonder what the fuck that is about? Kevin talked to him didnít even give him shit about it. All I know that Pam is out, Lee is in. Iím pleased. "OK, so weíll be done with this today even without Nicky. Party at my house tonight. Things are changing . . . again. WE have hopefully learned that when shit gets stressed we need to get together."

Kevin chimed in, "And get fucked up. Itís been a while since weíve been fucked up."

"Hey, anyone know what happened with Nick and Pam? He talking to anyone?" Brian said this out of nowhere.

"Iím sure it was the same old shit, Bri. Her pouting and busting his ass about cheating on her." I was on the verge of hating her for how Nick got about this.

"Sheís insecure. Heís Nick Carter."

Kevin broke in, "You know, weíre gonna disagree on this one. We always do. Letís not do this now."

First time in a long time I was thankful for Kevin telling someone to shut up. I didnít get why he liked her. Too understanding of Brother Brian. I made a few phone calls and gathered a few close friends. Nothing big.


I called home about eleven, "You awake."


"Iím sorry. Iíll let you go." I didnít want to. I really had missed her last night. That feeling of well being I have with her.

"No, I want to talk to you. God, Kevin, I could use a hug." She sounded beat.

"Iíll take care of that as soon as I see you. What time did you get home?"

"About eight. I finished up and sent Lee on to talk to Nick."

"He isnít coming in today."

"I canít blame him. Iíll explain all that latter. You all gonna get done? Please say yes."

I smiled, "Yes. AJ is throwing a party tonight. You up for that? I can beg out."

"I need to let off some steam. Iíll sleep today then be ready to go tonight. Think I can find a date on such short notice?"

"I might be free. I donít know when weíll be done. Iíll call you later, no, you call me so I donít wake you up. Sleep well, kitten."

"Thatís not funny." She hung up. It was funny.

Things went smooth all day. No problems. I still hadnít heard from Tracie by the time we were done. I decided to go on over to AJís and start the party. It was a struggle. Go home and wake up Tracie or go start the party. I wanted her to sleep. I know better than to think that would happen if I went home.


Lee and I stayed in bed all day. Talking, making love, and talking. I still couldnít believe that Brian would do something like this. Part of me wanted to believe that Pamís diary was nothing but her fantasy, or her setting this up way back then. My gut told me it was true though. Damn it. How would this one work out?

AJ called and told me to be at the party. We needed to party. Lee and I talked about it. I didnít want to go. I wanted to go. I knew Brian would be there. Lee made a good point, better to get this out now than to wait until we were on a plane and couldnít get away from each other. We would go.


I woke up much later than Iíd planned. Where the hell was Kevin? I called his cell, "Please tell me youíre not still working?"

He was loud, "Na, Iím at AJís we got done about three. I wanted to come home and wake you up, but I wanted you to sleep. Come over."

I laughed, "Thank you. I needed to sleep, but you waking me up would have been very good. Iím gonna shower then Iíll be over. Anyone there yet?"

"Me, AJ, Howie, and a couple of friends. Nick and Lee are coming. Brian too."

Shit, Brian, "Kevin, we gotta talk about Brian." I knew Lee would have talked to Nick by now. Iím sure that Nick is coming tonight to get the confrontation over with.

"Get over here then." He laughed, "I have that hug for you."

"Donít use that voice on me. Iíll be there in an hour."

"It worked though." He hung up. Damn man.

By the time I got there the party was kicking. No sign of Nick, or Brian. Or Kevin. One of Kevinís friends saw me and I went over there to talk with him and Nickís friends. I was laughing when I felt a pair of arms encircle my waist and a mouth on my neck, "There you are! I thought youíd never get here."

I turned around and met his mouth. Someone cleared their throat loudly. I looked over my shoulder, and Kevin nuzzled into my neck. "When the fuck did this happen?"

Kevin laughed, "About a week ago. Come with me." He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room and down the hall to the computer room, "Kissing time. More if I can get it."

I rolled my eyes, "You canít. We are at a party. I need to tell you about Brian, about Nick."

"Theyíre not here yet. They can wait."

He was awfully insistent. His tongue in my mouth convinced me. It could wait.


We got to the party and I did a quick scan. Brianís car wasnít there. Maybe he wouldnít have the balls to show up. We went inside and joined the fun. Iíd seen Kevin and Tracieís cars, but not them. I guess they were off somewhere. Nick kept hold of my hand, or had his arm around me. AJ bounced over, already way drunk, "So you guys are doing the nasty." He put his arms around us.

"Is nothing private?" Nick sneered at him.

"Nope. You two out here, Kevin and Tracie off somewhere fucking in my house. I should go find them."

I grabbed his shirt, "Leave them alone. She was off helping me move Pam out all night. Theyíre so cute."

"And are you too so cute?"

Nick laughed, "Not the same. Weíve just jumped in and satisfied those urges, theyíve been torturing each other for months."

"Yeah, theyíre still working on it. Theyíre so cute."

AJ kissed my cheek, "You said that already." He looked past us, "Holy shit, no way!"

Both of us turned around. I closed my eyes, "Oh shit!" Coming right toward us was Brian . . . and Pam.


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